1. Not happening regularly yet!
  2. Early Internet
    1. Files & Remote accessing of computers
    2. E-mail afterthought
      1. Ported over from MIT
      2. 3 Months later, e-mail consitutes 75% of Internet backbone
      3. The kicker was the "Reply All" button
  3. Social Internet
    1. Group Capabilities possible for a while
    2. Groups are conservative -- it needs to be available to everyone
      1. It's when technology becomes boring that the social effects become interesting
    3. When does the group effect become greater than the aggregated individual actions?
      1. A Ladder is Required
        1. Sharing
          1. Examples
          2. Delicious
          3. Three Unites
          4. URLs
          5. Users
          6. Tags
          7. Reverses the old order of sharing
          8. Use to be "Congregate" and then "Share"
          9. Now you "Share" and then "Aggregate"
          10. Flickr
        2. Conversation
          1. Sharing becomes the platform for coordination instead of reverse
          2. Communities of Practice
          3. People started posting High Dynamic Range photographs on Flickr
          4. People started seeing the photos posted on Flirkr and asked, "How did you do that?"
          5. Photographers so pleased to be noticed and asked would create amazing tutorials.
          6. Every URL is a latent community
        3. Collaboration
          1. Aegisub (Anime Fan Sub)
          2. Started writing software for themselves that would subtitle Japanese Anime that they thought should be available in the U.S.
          3. Required team work because it required specialization
          4. Fixing a market failure
          5. When Anime owner started doing their own dubbing, Aegisub took theirs down.
          6. Anime Market has opened up
          7. Need to fix something
        4. Collective Action
          1. Story One
          2. NWA
          3. 1999 NWA Plane lands in Detroit without a Gate, landed 2:45PM
          4. finally a passengert calls 911 to get the CEO of the company
          5. Passenger is called up by the pilot -- expecting to be disciplined.
          6. "Give me the number"
          7. Pilot calls CEO
          8. Finall get into a gate 9:30PM
          9. Media has a field day
          10. Nothing happens
          11. AA
          12. Another Plane landed in Dallas (AA)
          13. Run out of food, toilet is backed up
          14. Eight hours later, they get the gate
          15. New York state writes a passenger's bill of rights -- with three major airports
          16. What was different
          17. Kate Hanni, real estate agent is pissed
          18. Goes home and starts researching similar situation
          19. she starts to comment on the stories
          20. At the end of her comments she adds, if you were on this flight, contact me.
          21. After a few days she's setting up a coalition of fliers rights.
          22. With a petition
          23. Congress watered it down, but not in NY State
          24. Publishing is for acting...
          25. Story Two (Flash Mobs)
          26. Mocking Collaborative Gatherings in New York & other cities
          27. The intent was to prove that today's networked hipsters could be convinced to do anything just to shock the bourgeoisie
          28. Black clad police comes out and drags the kids out of the streets
          29. It had been made illegal to meet in groups in October Square
          30. Became a successful tool for protest because the communication was happening via the network
          31. The Regime couldn't stop the protests, because the groups formed in the square. When protesters entered, they were alone individuals. But they came to gather, because of the networks...
          32. Plus practice was recorded because the students had cameras
          33. What does this mean?
          34. Tools used for entertainment in high freedom environment
          35. Tools are seriously innovatively used in low freedom environment
          36. Story Three
          37. 2004 in Pelarmo Italy
          38. Stickers posted saying that "People who pay money to mafia is without dignity"
          39. Set up a web site where businesses can stand up in mass and say we won't pay.
          40. The people most effected was the people of Pelarmo
          41. They started only patronizing businesses that promised not to pay