1. Multiple media dude & entrepreneur and contributor to NPR
  2. Title:Classroom for the Future Now
  3. I am
    1. Video game nut (young guy)
    2. Child of teachers
    3. Seowl Korea is the best place for tech - top down
    4. Founded urban video academy
      1. Get kids to create a video game to teach science and math
    5. Founded http://techtechboom.com
  4. Where are we today
    1. Are we giving students oportinitues to solve problems?
      1. Segway started with a problem
    2. The classrom of the future
      1. What is it?
        1. The classroom is everywhere!
        2. I think that the classroom might become a state-of-mind
    3. Webwill need tech savvy people
    4. Much data on growth of tech jobs
  5. Who's doing what
    1. Skype expanding the classroom
    2. Scratch for programming & content stuff
    3. GEOCashing
      1. Doesn't GPS come to mind when you take the kids outside
      2. School thout redundancy in bus routes had students carry GPS and tracked them
    4. Games
      1. Motion capture (gameing without cintrolers)
      2. SWITCHED is integrating curriculum
    5. People are experimenting
    6. Mobile
      1. Have you forwarded apps to your students?
      2. We need a national boradband policy
      3. Too much opportunity that we're ignoring
  6. What are the challenges
    1. #1 ppl resistant to change in twitpoll
    2. We need to be paying attention to techs and teachers.
      1. Isolation of teachers
    3. Do externships. Send teachers out to work in real world
  7. What about me. Practical ideas
    1. Create content on-demand
      1. You already have the content
    2. LiveScribe - writes and listens.
    3. MIT OpenContent
    4. Google Forms
      1. iGoogle for collecting information
  8. What's coming down the the road
    1. 3D is going insane - it's coming.
      1. Company in Europe is working on 3d instructional
    2. Classrom of the future in Baltimore.
    3. Sign language to speech with a data glove.
    4. 80/20 Google - mimic that in schools
    5. Internet in the car