1. Website must conform to this Standard by 30 June 2014
  2. Who does this apply to?
    1. Public Service departments
      1. Business, Innovation, and Employment, Ministry of
      2. Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)
      3. Conservation, Department of
      4. Corrections, Department of
      5. Crown Law Office
      6. Culture and Heritage, Ministry for
      7. Defence, Ministry of
      8. Education, Ministry of
      9. Education Review Office
      10. Environment, Ministry for the
      11. Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of
      12. Government Communications Security Bureau
      13. Health, Ministry of
      14. Inland Revenue Department
      15. Internal Affairs, Department of
      16. Justice, Ministry of
      17. Land Information New Zealand
      18. Māori Development, Ministry of
      19. New Zealand Customs Service
      20. Pacific Island Affairs, Ministry of
      21. Primary Industries, Ministry for
      22. Prime Minister and Cabinet, Department of the
      23. Serious Fraud Office
      24. Social Development, Ministry of
      25. State Services Commission
      26. Statistics New Zealand
      27. Transport, Ministry of
      28. Treasury, The
      29. Women's Affairs, Ministry of
    2. Non-Public Service departments
      1. New Zealand Defence Force
      2. New Zealand Police
      3. New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
      4. Parliamentary Counsel Office
    3. Others - not mandated, but will voluntarily comply
  3. Home Page Requirements
    1. Organisation name and/or logo
    2. Links to:
      1. newzealand.govt.nz
      2. Contact Us
      3. Privacy statement
      4. Copyright statement
  4. Contact Information
    1. Contact Us
    2. Contact us page must include:
      1. The telephone number for each call centre that supports a service provided by the website
      2. A regularly monitored postal address
      3. The address of an email account that is regularly monitored by the website’s responsible organisation;
    3. Contact us should include:
      1. The number of a monitored telephone line
      2. A physical street address
  5. Copyright
    1. General copyright statement that:
      1. States that copyright material on the website is protected by copyright
      2. Sets out the licensing terms under which that material can be re-used by others.
    2. Third party copyright material:
      1. The source and copyright status
      2. Re-use licence does not apply
      3. That permission cannot be given
    3. Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981
    4. NZGOAL
  6. Privacy
    1. Privacy statement must clearly indicate:
      1. The scope of the statement
      2. Circumstances in which personal information is collected
      3. Uses of collected personal information
      4. Collection and use of statistical information
      5. That cookies are used, if applicable
      6. Rights to request access to or to correct personal information
      7. Contact details for such purposes.
  7. Links to non-HTML files to indicate format and size.
  8. Printable web pages
    1. Main content - standard paper
    2. The following should not be printed:
      1. Primary content navigation
      2. Secondary content navigation
      3. Thematic or decorative banner
      4. Breadcrumbs
      5. Search form
    3. Default - black text