How to hold efficient meetings

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How to hold efficient meetings

Map Outline

How to hold efficient meetings
1 Visualize meeting's goals
1.1 What’s the problem
1.2 What needs to be discussed
2 Good preparation
2.1 Who needs be involved
2.2 What material needs be prepared
2.3 Time and place
3 Good time control
3.1 Weekly reports/monthly reports: <30min
3.2 Task assignments: <30min
3.3 Complex projects :<60min
4 Brainstorming
4.1 Focus on the subject and think divergent
4.2 Think as much as possible and do not criticize
4.3 Allow others improve your ideas
4.4 Collect and summarize all your ideas
4.5 Vote for the best idea
5 Write logical minutes
5.1 The preliminary conclusion
5.2 Who in charge for specify tasks
5.3 Deadlines for each task

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