Communication Innovation System

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Communication Innovation System

Map Outline

Communication Innovation System
1 Innovation Communication
1.1 Assumptions
1.1.1 Thinking guides behavior
1.1.2 Mission stimulates goals
1.2 Principles
1.2.1 Anticipate Objectives/Questions
1.2.2 Deliver message a little at a time
1.2.3 Present info in several ways/Appropriate technology
2 Stability Communication
2.1 Values
2.1.1 Safe
2.1.2 Stagnant in position
2.1.3 Nonsupporting
2.2 Norms
2.2.1 Errors govern behavior
2.2.2 No advancement
2.2.3 Assumptions Change not wanted Technique works
A1 Values
A1.1 Creativity/Education
A1.2 New Ideas
A1.2.1 Norms
A1.2.1.1 Engaged in the future
A1.2.1.2 Celebration of goals
A1.3 Risk Taking
A2 Principles
A2.1 Continue with current action no change needed
A2.2 Lack of feedback/follow through
A2.3 Present information in only one way
A3 Social Networks
A4 Professor
A4.1 Linked in
A4.2 Directed
A4.3 No recommunication
A4.4 Contacted me
A4.5 Generation X
A5 Sister in Law
A5.1 Facebook
A5.2 Directed
A5.3 Recommunication
A5.4 Contacted me
A5.5 Generation Y
A6 Friend
A6.1 Instagram
A6.2 Undirected
A6.3 No recommunication
A6.4 I contacted
A6.5 Generation Y
A7 Boss
A7.1 Email
A7.2 Directed
A7.3 Recommunication
A7.4 Contactd me
A7.5 Generation X

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