Money Wizz

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Money Wizz

Map Outline

Money Wizz
1 Splash screen
1.1 Background Image
1.2 App Icon
1.3 App Image
2 Sign up screen

If the user is a user (not the existing user), they need to create Account on this application. User can enter his/her valid Email id or Phone number

2.2 Enter Email or phone number
2.3 Enter Password
2.4 Show Password

by default the password will be shown as solid dots or stars. They can also see the password while they are entering in the password input field, by enabling the show password option available.

2.5 Sign up Button
2.6 Already registered ? Login

if user is already a register they need not sign up again and again, they can simply click on the login option available on this screen. and will be redirected to the login screen.

3 Account Verification screen
3.1 Enter Verification Code

4 digit numeric code will be sent to the user on the provided mobile number.

3.1.1 OTP received Account Verified

The user will be asked to input the verification code, on correct entry the account will be verified.

3.1.2 OTP not received Resend Verification Code

if the user has not received the verification code, they can request to resend the verification code on the registered number.

3.2 Next button

Click on the Next button to setup profile.

4 Account Setup Screen
4.1 First name
4.2 Last name
4.3 Next Button

Next button to go to the next screen where the user will be asked to enter other related information such as

4.3.1 Enter Other Related Information Select Country Select City Select DOB

Select Date of Birth from the calendar available. Select Gender

Radio button will be provided to choose gender. Male and female option. Upload Profile Picture select picture from Gallery Profile Set up complete
5 Login screen
5.2 Enter Email or Phone number
5.3 Enter Password
5.4 Login Button
5.5 Forgot Password
5.6 Not registered Yet? Sign up

If the user is not registered yet, they can click on the Sign up option available on this screen to move to the sign up screen.

6 Bottom Bar
6.1 Reports
6.1.1 Income/ Expenses

This will provide the detailed information of the money spent and revenue. for example, if the user has spent 50 USD for his family (cost/profit center) for shopping (category) the cloths sub category etc. Detailed information on Total Spent Total income Total spent/ income from Account Total spent/ income from Cost/ profit Center total spent on particular category total spent on particular category
6.1.2 Cash Flows

Cashflow is basically nothing but a record of a revenue or expense stream that changes a account over a given period. Summary of income and expense filters available to sort the data.

Filters such as filter by account type select interval all day week month year

6.2 Search / Filters

The user will have the ability to apply filters.

6.2.1 filters Account cost/ profit center type Expense Income Category Sub category Currencies Payment type cash Debit Credit Bank/ account
6.3 Import &Export/ backup
6.3.1 import transactions history from the Synced account to MoneyWizz

When user clicks on this option, an email containing the steps of how to import data will be sent on user's registered email id.

6.4 Add transaction Screen
6.4.1 Select Account type
6.4.2 Select Cost/ profit Center
6.4.3 Select category Select sub category
6.4.4 Enter Amount Select Currency
6.4.5 Transaction type Expense (-) Earnings (+)
6.4.6 Tag Person select contact from contact list Enter Note Set reminder with return date in case of lending money
6.4.7 More option Add location (where you spent money) camera Calendar (to select dates)
6.4.8 Keyboard to enter data on this screen
6.5 Home

Here, I'm dividing the home screen into sections. this screen screen will have the vertical scroll to scroll up and down to make use of all the features on the Home screen.

6.5.1 view Transaction Summary Day Week Month Year Set Date range -Calendar
6.5.2 Notifications

Reminder Notifications

6.5.3 List of accounts Sync Bank account Select country Select Bank from Drop down Manually input Account details Account Name Initial value Select Currency Add more Account

User will have the ability to add more accounts. Update Account Details Remove Account
6.5.4 List of Cost/ profit Center Add Cost/ profit Center select name from drop down

by default the user can see the 3- 4 cost/ profit centers added such as self family Home Vehicle etc the user can add more cost/ profit centers enter initial value currency Update/ remove cost/ profit center
6.5.5 Balance Amount

This will show the balance amount in the selected account or from all account

6.5.6 Record Overview

As per the selected bank the user will be shown the list/ grid of the category the user has spent on. categories/ record Category Name Account type date of transaction creation Amount Spent
6.5.7 Deals
7 Swipe Home Left
7.1 Profile screen

swiping the ho,me screen left will lead the user to profile screen, whee they have all the details mentioned during the sign up or account setup process.

7.1.1 Full name
7.1.2 Country
7.1.3 city
7.1.4 DOB
7.1.5 Gender
7.1.6 Profile picture
7.1.7 Email
7.1.8 Change Password

The user can change the password from here, for that they need to provide the new password and need to re-enter password. enter new password Reenter password
8 Swipe Home Right
8.1 Currency Converter
8.1.1 Enter Amount to be converted
8.1.2 Select currency (converted from)
8.1.3 Select currency (converted To)
A1 User on Board Process
A2 Filters
A3 Swipe Home screen Left
A4 Swipe Home Screen Right
A5 Reports
A6 Import & Export
A7 Add transaction Screen
A8 Home

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