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Map Outline

Mind Mapping
1 PCO's from 03/05 on
1.1 03/05/2017
1.1.1 MDR /K041999 Create PCO to remove variant AAB because the obsolete part (K0419-2201A) is only used on that variant. PCR created by Randall will be assigned to me to do the same as in K041999 PCR was assigned to David Trevino
2.1 J041808
2.1.1 Talk to Wayne, Layers need to be fixed
3 Blind Spot
3.1 Components
3.1.1 LED Investigate what kind of LEDs there are Choose which will be the best Compare costs Find where to get them
3.1.2 SENSOR Keep investigating about Radar sensors Electromagnetic Radar Rohde&Schwars MBSDR BS300 4Sale Radar Cat R-GAGE, QT50R-AFH RADAR (M) Composicion Interna Radar tutorial Radar components Slide Share
3.1.3 INDICATOR LIGHT/ CAR MODULE (O) Check w/ Pepe Arrange meeting Talk specificts Investigate about topic agreed Search for a feasible form of doing it
3.2 Thermal Flasher
4 Phone Base
4.1 Modeling
5 Charger Housing
5.1 Modeling
5.2 HOUSING 2.0
6 Software Commissioning Engineers
6.1 PLC info

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