1. (1) intro
    1. why this topic
    2. just a bit me, myself and I
    3. overview presentation
    4. an intermezzo for when we have time
    5. ask questions at any time
    6. how does open data fit into (my) perspective on the age of openness
  2. (2) Enrich GIS
    1. sorry to ask, but what is GIS?
    2. what do I see as BIG GIS and small GIS (as in the definition)
    3. just have it your own way, I like this model,
    4. Goal
      1. better decision
      2. more insight
      3. more knowledge
      4. more (geographic) thinking
      5. greater awareness
  3. (3) Social media
    1. explain social media
    2. the move from where to 'what is there', man as sensor
    3. and all of that related to geography
    4. Social media
      1. digital conversations, active participation
      2. acces to one another
      3. examples of social media networks
        1. LinkedIn
        2. Twitter
        3. Mendeley
        4. Quora
        5. Foursquare
        6. Hyves
        7. Facebook
        8. Google+
    5. examples of hyperlocal media
    6. key questions
      1. how to achieve more engagement?
      2. how to activate (citizens?)
      3. tip: three is not a crowd. wizdom of the idiot (tx Thomas Paine)
    7. And to GIS?
      1. determine where social media has it's place in your GIS processees
      2. OpenStreetMap
        1. use as a datasource
        2. contribute!
        3. donate some data (eg. trees)
      3. mash-up your data to the extreme
    8. Goal
      1. reach more people
      2. engage more people
      3. get greater commitment
    9. Costs
      1. learn the tools
      2. Time to work with the tools
      3. Time to find out what works
    10. tip: it is all a-ha technology (tx L. Lessig)
  4. (4) Open data
    1. on the origin
      1. Open Data / Obama / Kundra
      2. why would USAID be open data? and the world bank
      3. the BIG way to me relates to society at large and innovation
      4. a truly open society?
        1. 100% open does not exit, nor does 100% closed
        2. Plato was the evil root of it all, in favour of a closed society (Socrates actually was the defender of a free mind)
        3. Karl Popper, the Open Society and this enemies;
          1. Plato tried to kill democracy at its infancy
      5. EPSI and the European directive
        1. it just makes sense for the citizens of Europe
    2. research by TNO on Open Government
      1. why these countries research? did they also look for positve econ. benefits first?
      2. has led to a clear commitment by central government
      3. to go beyond the apps-in-a-day events
      4. and go for linked open data and a central open data portal
    3. Esri's contribution
      1. maps and apps at www.arcgis.com
      2. community base maps
      3. drag and drop of data
      4. templates to share
    4. related to GIS?
      1. get ready, this WILL come to your doorstep
      2. get going with a simple project
      3. Esri would like to guide you on the steps of the open geo data
    5. why Open Geo Data?
      1. Open Society
      2. Economic benefits (note: I would like to see more research on that)
      3. Bring down barriers to innovation (which is no garantee to innovation)
      4. increase citizen agagement
      5. in the end just a leap of faith
        1. in a few years all technology will support this
  5. (5) extro
    1. Take aways
      1. Open Data will really get interesting once it is linked
      2. Government has no monopoly over open data
        1. firm and citizens have an important role to play
      3. call for further research with TNO and Esri
    2. How it's made
      1. thinking, research, conversations
      2. attend open data events
      3. Harvesting Mendeley
      4. A few books (tx Anobii)
      5. Serendipity at the library
      6. Tools: Xmind, Powerpoint, Slideshare
    3. Tips social media
      1. Consider in which (GIS) processes social networks have a role to play
      2. can these networks be reached?
      3. take your time to learn the tools
      4. Aim for what the highest engagement
    4. Tips open data
      1. what data can easily be shared?
      2. Go for an experiment/project
      3. Donate trees to openstreetmap and see what happens
    5. Recommended sources
      1. http://www.epsiplus.net/
      2. http://www.data.gov/
      3. http://www.tno.nl/content.cfm?context=thema&content=inno_publicatie&laag1=897&laag2=918&laag3=1&item_id=784
      4. http://wbi.worldbank.org/wbi/event/open-data-open-knowledge-open-solutions
      5. http://www.slideshare.net/TonZijlstra/ogd-in-europe