XMind, a full-featured mind mapping and brainstorming tool, designed to generate ideas, inspire creativity, brings efficiency both in work and life. Millions and millions of people love it.

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What's New

XMind’s biggest update of the year presents with brand new design, intuitive interactions, and powerful features more than mind mapping.

Pitch Mode

Click to present your mind map like a slideshow. Pitch Mode got smooth transitions and layouts right for your mind map.

Tree Table

Expand topics from left to right/top to bottom, and identify whole and part relationships.


We’ve tuned every detail for every structure. You can edit, or combine it with different structures nicely and freely.

Color Theme

Color theme brings more possibilities. Now, you can switch and view them instantly, while build elegant mind maps at ease.

Information Visualization Matters.

From the inception to execution, mind mapping is a powerful visualization tool that helps you to know where you are and where you want to be. Record and organize ideas, plans, and build them from the ground.

More Ideas. More Possibilities.

Many great products start with a small idea. Mind map can really be useful at the beginning of a project. Use it to record every idea in the meeting, you might be surprised by the difference and achievement it makes eventually.

Unleash Creativity. Handy and Easy.

Creativity will make you a more interesting person. The mind map is always a good company to capture every inspiration at a snap anywhere, anytime. Capture inspirations, structure and organize them easily.

A Mind Map. An Opportunity.

Opportunities lie in the middle of challenges, so prepare yourself with a mind map. Jot down ideas, passion, and strengths, you are easier to stand out and take the first step of new opportunity.

Stay Productive. Either On Site or at Home.

A methodized person is always productive no matter where they are. Use the mind map to manage your ideas and documents, and improve your quality of life.

What makes XMind different?

We offer Fishbone, Logic Chart, Matrix, Timeline, Brace Map, Org Chart, not only visually organizes causal relationships among complex ideas/events,
but also makes the in-depth comparative analysis possible, tracks milestones and schedules in chronological order.

Mindmap Logic Chart Org Chart Teimline Fishbone Matrix Tree Table

Réaliser une combinaison des structures différentes.

Vous ne trouverezz peut-être pas une telle carte mentale ailleurs: chaque branche est une structure. Cela vous permet donc d'exprimer différentes idées sur une même carte mentale.

Logic Chart
Tree Chart
Combine Combine Shadow
Logic Chart
Tree Chart
Logic Chart
Combine Combine Shadow

Always being so stylish.

Creativity is always so full of personality. You can make any graphic you want.

Always being so stylish.

Creativity is always so full of personality. You can make any graphic you want.

Adapté aux tous vos appareils.

Toutes les cartes mentales sont faciles à trouver sur votre ordinateur portable et vos appareils mobiles, et cela vous permet d'y accéder à tout moment et n'importe où.

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Enterprise customers are happy :)

From startups to Fortune 500 companies
XMind is the best choice for teams working on any project.

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