What are the differences between XMind (Desktop) and XMind 8 Pro?

XMind (Desktop), an amazing brainstorming tool and a new favor.

XMind 8 Pro, a classical mind mapping tool for over a decade.

Both these 2 products can be run on Windows, macOS, and Linux. They also cover various structures, and templates for different cases.

In this page, you will know about some of the feature highlights of these 2 products.

XMind (Desktop)

XMind (Desktop) applies the all new UI - Cream, and our latest original typeface - NeverMind. Enjoy making your mind map without being disturbed by the instructions icons or instructions. You can unlock all the features with the subscription.

ZEN Mode: An immersive way to edit, read, and modify your mind map.

Outliner: You can read your mind map in a list of bullet points.

Theme Editor: Create your one and only template, and use it now or later.

Enhanced Image Export: You can select different scale options when exporting the image. We also offer transparent background if you are applying it in Keynote or PPT. Besides, we also support SVG format.

Equation Support: Jot down equation in XMind with LaTeX. You can imput, edit, and preview the equat

XMind 8 Pro

XMind 8 Pro is a pay-once and use for a life time product. You can unlock all the features with a license after the payment.

Brainstorming Mode: Jot down your ideas in Idea Factory via groups, and have fun in the stress-free scene. You can concentrate on evaluating, organizing and connecting your thoughts.

Presentation Mode: The Walk Through presentation enables you to view and present your ideas from topic to topic. The darkened background helps you to focused on particular topic.

Slide-based Presentation Mode: You can select the topic, and create a slide with them immediately with this mode. From mind map to presentation is effortless.

Gantt Chart: You can convert mind maps to Gantt Chart faster than ever, helping you with project management, progress navigation, etc.

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