What is XMind 2020?

XMind: ZEN is now XMind 2020. Continuing the innovative spirit and sincere dedication, XMind 2020 packs up previous features while bringing new features, as powerful as before.

In the latest version of XMind 2020, there are 4 latest features:

Enhanced ZEN Mode

You can edit your mind map with more options. With Format Panel add-on, you can edit the style for a branch, or change a structure. Find instant Shortcuts guidance, or customize them right away. There are more edit options on the way.

Equation Support

XMind 2020 supports LaTeX, and you can insert equation by LaTeX command. Besides, insert, preview and edit quation in the topics is available.

Import Word Document

You can read Word files in a mind mapping view now. XMind reads identations, ists, images, hyperlinks, and notes in the import Word document.

Theme Editor

Define the priority of the topics in Quick Style of Theme Editor based on your perence.

Meanwhile, you can always enjoy the features that are already there. Including, but not limited to:


Read, edit and share your mind map in a list view.

All New UI - Cream

Making mind map is at ease and intuitively.

Enhanced Image Export

From scale options to a transparent background, you mind map shines in different way.

Click here to download the latest XMind 2020.

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