What are the differences between Trial and Full Version of XMind 2020?

In trial version, you can enjoy most of the features. In full version of XMind 2020, you can unlock all the features and always use the latest version. The details about the differences are as below.

With the full version of XMind 2020, you can get access to all features, and get your maps exported/printed without watermark. You won't be disturbed by any notifications but only reminder before your subscription expires. In addition, you can use it for commercial purposes as well as make your own plans.

You can enjoy most of the features in trial version and there's no time limit, but some features are locked, including: theme editor, customize quick style, set password, align floating topic, insert LaTeX equation, insert insert topic link, insert file link, add local image, show branch only, remove watermark, export to SVG, word &excel, export to OPML & Textbundle.

In addition, you will get a watermark on file on the map export. You will also receive notification if you have used XMind 2020 for a long time. Mind maps of commercial purposes and individual plans are not allowed.


Click http://www.xmind.net/m/t9WDEe to download the mind map of features comparison of trial and full version of XMind 2020.

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