Compare XMind: ZEN 2020 and XMind 8

XMind 8 is a clasical mind maping tool for over a decade. XMind: ZEN is a fresh brainstorming and mind mapping tool.

Both products represent our understanding of mind map, and we hope they meet different needs, scenarios and bring out the best of you.


Support System: Both products run smoothly and swiftly on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Structures & Diagrams: Various diagrams and structures, including basic Balanced Map, Logic Chart, Tree Chart, Timeline, Fishbone and Matrix. You can change the structire freely via a simple click on the central topic. Structures can be combined in one map.

Import & Export: Quickly read different file formats, or mind map from different softwares. Users can also export them to different formats simply.

Highlight for Different Products

XMind 8 offers a classic look with mind mapping veteran's favourite features such as Brainstorming mode, Presentation Mode, Gantt View. You can let go of your thoughts in your mind freely, and XMind 8 has prepared the stage for you.

XMind: ZEN 2020 makes mind mapping easier than ever, even though it's your first map. The latest UI - CREAM offers a fresh and simple look that allows you to focus on what matters most. ZEN Mode, Outliner, and Enhanced Image Export bring out the best of you when editing.

XMind 8 Pro is a Pay-Once for Lifetime use software, and XMind: ZEN offers subscription and auto-renewal plan for users. XMind 8 Pro offers discount for education, NPO and Governments, and XMind: ZEN offers discount for students and teachers.

You can also click here to view a detailed comparison on it.

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