Questions fréquemment posées

Purchase, Activate & Upgrade

  1. What's the difference between XMind (Free), XMind Plus, and XMind Pro?

    The download package has contained XMind, XMind Plus and XMind Pro. If you've not paid for XMind Plus/Pro, you can enjoy all features of XMind (Free), but the Plus/Pro features are unavailable. To access these features, please refer to:

  2. What's the difference between XMind Pro (license) and XMind Pro subscription?

    They are two different payment types of XMind Pro.

    XMind Pro (license):

    It's a lifetime license for XMind Pro. It means that you can access the Pro features forever, and enjoy the minor updates in the future. But major upgrades, like XMind 6 to XMind 7, will charge the upgrade fee.

    XMind Pro Subscription:

    It's a yearly subscription model. You can access the Pro features and enjoy any updates and upgrades before the subscription expires. If you choose to cancel it or forget to renew, all paid features will be not available to use, but XMind is still able to run with basic features.

  3. How to activate XMind Pro/Plus when I have a license key?

    1. Get the license and matching email address.
    2. Download XMind from:
    3. Install and launch XMind.
    4. Open activate dialog from "Help – License….." menu.
    5. In the coming dialog, click "Enter License Key" button. Active XMind Pro or XMind Plus
    6. In the coming license dialog, input your license and the match email and click "OK"
    7. That's all. Now you can enjoy XMind Pro/Plus for life-time.
  4. How to activate XMind Pro when I have a subscription code?

    If you're first time to use XMind Pro Subscription code,
    1. Create an XMind account at the Sign Up Page.
    2. Visit the Subscription Page in browser, and sign in your account.
    3. Paste the code into field.
    4. Click Redeem button.
    5. Launch XMind software, and choose "sign into" from help menu.
    6. Sign in with your renewed XMind account, and enjoy XMind Pro.
    If your XMind account has been renewed before,
    1. Get that Subscription code.
    2. Sign into your XMind account. If not having, please sign up one for free.
    3. Select "Subscription" menu from right-top drop-down menu.
    4. Paste your code in the field, and click "Renew" button.
    5. Then, you can see a new entry in your renew history.
    6. Now, please launch XMind software.
    7. Choose "sign into" from help menu, and Sign in with your renewed XMind account.
    8. Enjoy XMind Pro. Renew XMind Pro Subscription
  5. What will happen after an XMind Pro subscription expires?

    If subscription has expired and you haven't renewed the subscription, you can still use XMind (Free) to open and edit your maps. However, the Plus/Pro features are not available.
  6. Does the price include tax?

    The entire XMind price list does not includes any tax. So you should obey your local rule and pay the tax by yourself. Beg your understanding.
  7. Can I upgrade from XMind Plus to XMind Pro?

    I'm sorry that the upgrade is not available. Also, the contrary downgrade is not available either.
  8. How to upgrade to XMind 7 Pro/Plus?

    If you've purchased XMind 6 Pro/Plus with 2-year upgrade service,

    Our background system will inform you to renewal your license automatically. For any further questions, please contact

    If you've purchased XMind 6 Pro/Plus without 2-year upgrade service,

    Please go to our Pricing Page and choose upgrade service package.

    If you've purchased XMind Pro Subscription,

    Within the subscription, you can upgrade to XMind 7 Pro for free. If your subscription expires, please renew your subscription code or buy the license of XMind 7 Pro/Plus

  9. What if I don't have PayPal account?

    Buy XMind and create a new PayPal account

    Please select the item and fill in your debit or credit card information on the Pricing page. Then you can complete the purchase and get a PayPal account.

    Buy XMind via Credit Card or Bank Wire Transfer

    Please contact the Sales Team via and tell them your order item and quantity. Our sales team will assist you to access XMind Pro/Plus.

    Buy XMind from our local reseller

    We've partnered with many Software resellers world widely. Please find the local partner from HERE.

    In our humble opinion, we still think PayPal is the safe and credible payment approach. If possible, we may suggest you to complete the purchase directly on our website.

  10. What is the 2-Year Upgrade service and how to buy it?

    For XMind's license, the minor updates are free, such as v3.5.0 to v3.5.1. But for the major upgrade, it charges an upgrade fee, such as XMind 6 to XMind 7. For this case, XMind prepares the 2-year upgrade service with a low price. This service supports you to access all upgrades within 2 years from the purchase date.

    Below are two special things you should know:

    1. The 2-year upgrade service can only be ordered while buying XMind Plus/Pro license. It's not sold separately.
    2. When we released the new version of XMind, our background system will inform you to renewal the license automatically. 2-Year Upgrade Service


  1. How can I change the language of XMind interface?

    Currently, XMind contains 14 language packs, English, German, French, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Danish, Russian, Italian, Slovenian, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese. When XMind is installed, it will automatically choose the language from these packages to meet your operating system display setting. And if you're using a language XMind doesn't support, it will use English.

    Meanwhile, you can also change the used language package by yourself in XMind Preferences.

    Change Language
  2. How to clear the activation information?

    For License Users:
    1. Select "Help - License"
    2. Click the "Already Purchased? View/Change License Key" button under "XMind Pro/Plus" item in the coming dialog
    3. Click "Remove - OK". Then XMind will back to the free version and the license can be used for another computer. Active XMind
    For Subscription Users:
    1. Select "Help-Sign out from" from the menu.
    2. Your activation information has been deleted
  3. What's XMind ID and how to get one?

    XMind ID is the name of your account on You can sign up to get an XMind ID for free.

    With XMind ID, you can share your mind maps online. Meanwhile, you can also activate your XMind by redeeming the XMind subscription code to your XMind ID.

  4. Can I install XMind on a USB drive and use it anywhere?

    You can use XMind Portable package, which can work cross-platform without installation. And the usage steps are very simple.

    1. Download this zip file.
    2. Unzip it to a new or clear folder.
    3. Open this folder, go into right sub-folder for your operating system.
    4. Store the folder on USB Disk and launch XMind.


  1. How can I know my XMind activation status?

    XMind currently has XMind (free), XMind Plus, XMind Pro and XMind Pro Subscription. They have different features or different payment modes.

    XMind Title

    On the title, XMind shows your current package. Below image shows this is XMind Pro.

    XMind About dialog

    Choosing "Help -- About" from menu, you can open XMind About dialog.  Here, you will see the license of your XMind.

    License dialog

    Choosing "Help - License" from the menu, you can open License dialog. Here, you can also see the license of your XMind.

  2. Where to download XMind Pro/Plus? I just see the download package for XMind.

    The download packages on our website are the all feature package. If you don't activate your XMind, you can use "XMind Free" forever and the paid features are unavailable. Once activating XMind Pro/Plus, you can access the Pro/Plus features.

  3. What's the XMind Share?

    XMind Share is a web service. XMind Ltd provides it to let you upload and share your mind maps online with your family, friends, and colleagues. It's totally free. Once you sign up on the XMind Official Website, you will have an XMind ID. Then do the following steps to upload your mind map.

    1. Launch XMind and select "Help-Sign in".
    2. In the coming "Sign In" dialog, fill in your XMind ID and password.
    3. Open your mind map or create a new mind map.
    4. Click the "Share" button at the toolbar.
    5. In the coming dialog, set the description, language, privacy and thumbnail of the mind map.
    6. For the public privacy, anyone can search for and view your map. (Recommended!)
    7. For the unlisted privacy, anyone with the link can view your map (not listed in search results or categories on
    8. For private privacy, only specific XMind users can view your map.
    9. Click "upload" to finish all steps

    PS: Only the people who have an XMind ID can favorite, leave comments, and download these public maps freely.

  4. Can we use XMind free version in our organization for business use? 

    Yes, you can. XMind is the open source project, which is under the EPL and LGPL license. Please enjoy your XMind and contact us for any questions.

  5. How can I get latest information about XMind?

    You can get the information of software upgrade, festival promotion, new features' introduction and so on from the approaches below.

  6. Does XMind has integration with Dropbox? 

    o, there is no integration with Dropbox currently. But we still recommend you using Dropbox to save your XMind files. With this free cloud service, you can access your mind map everywhere and revert to the history edition freely. Please refer to the operations below.

    1. Create a folder in Dropbox and name it as "XMind Files"
    2. Then create multiple sub-folders under it
    3. Save XMind file into its corresponding folder
    To make it easy. XMind can save the file to the folder, where the last mind map saves, as default.


  1. How can I position the topic freely?

    Position Main Topic Freely
    1. Hold Alt (Windows)/Command (Mac).
    2. Drag & drop the main topic to the target position.
    3. Release Alt/Command.

    PS: It only works under the default map structure.

    Copy & Paste Topic
    1. Hold Ctrl.
    2. Drag & drop the topic to the destination.
    3. Release Ctrl.
    Convert Topics into Floating Topic and freely move it
    1. Hold Shift.
    2. Drag & drop the topic to the destination.
    3. Release Shift.
    Overlap the topics
    1. Select "Edit-Preference-Mind Map" from the menu.
    2. Check the box of "Allow Topic Overlaps".
    3. Overlap the topics by the above operations.
  2. How do I set default theme in XMind Pro? 

    1. Select "View-Theme" from the menu
    2. Within the coming theme view, select the target theme.
    3. Click the "Star" icon at the top right corner of the theme view.
      Set Default Theme

    PS: For more details, please refer to The Theme.

  3. How to shrink XMind file?

    Delete revisions:

    When you save XMind file, XMind will save a revision of it. And you can shrink the file size by deleting the useless revisions.

    1. Click "File-Editing History".
    2. In the editing history view, select the target revisions.
    3. Click the "Delete" button at the top right corner of the editing history view.
    Link option:

    When you drag and drop an external document into XMind, XMind offers two options, Link and Copy. Selecting the “Link” option can help us to reduce the file size.

    More marker groups:

    Dividing the markers into more marker groups can reduce the file size.

    1. Select "Edit-Preference-Markers".
    2. Click the "Add" button to create a new marker group at the upper part.
    3. After selecting the marker group, you can click the "Add" button to import customer markers at the lower part.
    Reduce file size feature:
    1. Select "File-Reduce file size" from the menu.
    2. Check the checkbox of "Delete Editing History" or "Delete Preview Image".
    3. Click "OK"
  4. Can I add my own images into XMind to use as markers?

    1. Launch XMind and Open "Marker View".
    2. Click "Show marker manager" on the marker view toolbar.
    3. Add and name your own marker group in the opened preference dialog.
    4. Add and name your own images into the added marker group.
    5. Click "OK", and finish all steps.
  5. Can I add my own images into the XMind ClipArt view?

    Just drag and drop your images to the Clip Art view. XMind will automatically save it at "My Clip Art"

Solving Problems

  1. Do I need Java to run XMind?

    XMind is Java program and it needs Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to run. If you haven't installed Java, XMind will remind you to install Java automatically. For the situations below, you may still meet some Java problems.

    For 64-bit Window users

    Now, XMind only supports 32-bit JVM. If the system is 64-bit, we still need to install 32-bit Java. If we've met the Java question, please install Java 32 or reinstall XMind.

    For XMind 2012 users

    After upgrading the Java software, XMind may meet a mistake about JRE. For this moment, please do the following steps.

    1. Find and open the installation of XMind.
    2. Open the Xmind.ini file with the text editor.
    3. Modify the …Java\jre6\bin… to "…Java\jre7\bin…" manually.
    4. Save the file and restart XMind.
    For Linux Users

    XMind only support the JVM versions of Sun JRE/Open JDK/ IBM JRE/ BEA JRockit.

    If you can't find the solutions above, please contact XMind support via Don't forget attach the information of "computing operating system, XMind version and screenshot of the error"

    PS: If you don't want to install Java on your computer or the above solutions can't help you, please try the Portable package.

  2. What if I can't open my files?

    If you can't open your files, please make a copy of the file firstly. Then try the methods below.

    Contact Support Team

    If XMind display error information, please send your questions and broken file to Please attach the snapshot of the error information.

    Change Java Memory

    If XMind has no reactions when you try to open your XMind file, please try to change the Java memory.

    1. Find and open the installation of XMind.
    2. Open the XMind.ini file with the text editor.
    3. Modify the "-Xmx512m" to "-Xmx1024m" manually.
    4. Save the file and restart XMind.
    For Computer expert of Mac users

    If you're the computer expert of Mac users, you can also try the professional method Here. Don't forget to make a copy of your XMind file firstly.

  3. XMind seems to be running slowly on my computer. How can I improve the performance of XMind?

    Modify graphics setting
    1. Choose "Edit-Preferences-Mind Map".
    2. Uncheck the "Enable animation" and "Enable Shadow" boxes.
    3. Click OK to finish the steps.
    Modify spell check setting
    1. Choose "Edit-Preferences-Spelling".
    2. Uncheck the "Enable spell checking" box.
    3. Click "Ok" to finish the steps.