Pre-apply for our workshop in Sydney

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On June 2, we held our first XMind workshop in San Francisco. It was great and we were so excited to finally meet our users in SF. They all shared a lot of their mind mapping experience with each other and each of them gains a lot. We’re so glad and proud to know that XMind is so useful for people using it.

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NEW! XMind for iOS brings new update to power your mind map

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XMind for iOS new update brings you highly customizable style, import and export to Markdown, drag & drop, up to six different color combinations for branches, quick format to mark topics and more – making it the most professional mind mapping tool on iOS devices. Here are the details.

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XMind for Android Private Beta is now recruiting Beta testers

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All the time, we received your emails, we read your blog comments, and we got your Facebook/Twitter messages. They all expressed the same voice: “We need the Android version!”. We do hear your voice, and now XMind for Android Private Beta is coming. Be the first to see XMind for Android and apply to be our Private Beta testers today!

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XMind: ZEN new update now available with powerful import & export, customizable shortcuts, and more!

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Since the release of XMind: ZEN, we’ve received lots of fantastic feedback from XMind users. Thank you so much! We took a close look at every suggestion you brought up and worked hard on it for improvements. Now, XMind: ZEN 2.0 finally arrives with powerful new features, enhancements, and more!

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How to add additional text to a topic in XMind: ZEN?

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Mind mapping is a great way to help us record and express our thoughts visually, manage complex information, and get organized. To help more XMinders make the most of mind mapping, here we’d like to share some useful features to create a content-rich mind map with XMind: ZEN. (Read More…)

We’re Updating Our Privacy Policy

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Thanks for using and trusting XMind. We’re constantly providing a professional and user-friendly product, and right now, we are here to give you a brief overview of our updated privacy policy.

We have always kept strict confidentiality of user data, and convinced that user privacy is our top priority. We very much agree with the GDPR approach. In this regard, we updated policy privacy in a more detailed description.

If you want to read our full policy, Check it out here.

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The First XMind Workshop Arrives at San Francisco on June 2, 2018

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Thank you for your pre-application for XMind Workshop from our official website! It is such a big surprise for us that thousands of XMind users finished their pre-application and showed their strong willingness to participate. Touched by your enthusiasm, we bring XMind Workshop to agenda immediately. The first XMind Workshop will arrive at San Francisco on June 2, 2018. (Read More…)

XMind for iOS has just released its biggest update ever

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About 3 months ago, we released XMind for iOS. It’s beautiful and easy to use, and it has since become a very popular mind mapping app, with hundreds of thousands of downloads. Today, XMind for iOS released a new update with some of the most requested features from our users: adding sticker, image, marker, note, attachment, hyperlink and label. (Read More…)

XMind is recruiting participants for its workshop

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We believe that XMind has brought all of us greater productivity, better ideas, and stronger self in the past, present and future. We also believe firmly that the collision among different thinking is the source of creativity. Now, we are planning to hold workshops in different countries and communicate with XMind’s users face-to-face. You can share and receive some amazing and skillful using experience, and meet like-minded new friends in this workshop. (Read More…)

How Fabienne uses Mind mapping in psychotherapy to help patients solve problems

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We all know that mind mapping is an excellent way to help us clarify thinking, capture new thoughts and organize information. As an amazing mind mapping tool, XMind: ZEN is widely used both in work and life, such as managing projects, making plans, preparing for classes, conducting SWOT analyses, writing annual reports, and etc..

But you may not know that mind mapping is already used in psychotherapy to help patients solve their problems, which has achieved surprising results. One of our CXMs Fabienne, who has been using mind mapping in psychotherapy for some years, shared with us her experience about how to use mind mapping to transform her client’s phobias. (Read More…)