Join us at XMind Workshop in London!

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XMind Workshop finally arrives in London! This August, join us to explore the fantastic “way to think”. Together, we’ll explore the glamor of mind mapping and encounter more “wow moments” by the collision of different thinking. (Read More…)

Introducing a useful feature you may not be familiar with in XMind: ZEN

Posted on July 17th, 2018 in Tips, XMind: ZEN | 5 Comments »

In January, we released our whole new amazing mind mapping tool XMind: ZEN. Now, half a year has passed and we believe that you’re already familiar with XMind: ZEN and skillfully use it in your daily life and work. But since XMind: ZEN is a powerful mind mapping tool, there might be some amazing features you have not found yet.

Today, we’d like to introduce a useful feature you may not be familiar with – Quick Style. (Read More…)

XMind for Android Is Now Available, and XMind for iOS Released a New Update

Posted on July 11th, 2018 in XMind for Android | 3 Comments »

For Android users who have been demanding that XMind make an Android version, we know you’ve been patiently waiting for a long time. Now, the wait is finally over! We’re thrilled to announce that XMind for Android is now available.

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Mind-Mapping: A Must-Have Study Tool for Students with ADHD

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We’ve shared tips and benefits of mind mapping in workplace and in no doubt it works just as well in schools.

Frank Stahl is a psychologist and life coach, knighted in Spain for his achievements. Dr. Stahl has helped hundreds of patients improve their life, and specializes in training both adult and child with ADHD.

Dr. Stahl thinks that mind mapping is a crucial part of not only planning life and goals, but also in understanding. For ADHD’ers, mind mapping is even more important, it enables them to flush all their ideas into a concise road map that they can use to stay focused.

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XMind Workshop finally arrives in Sydney! Apply now

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XMind Workshop finally arrives in Sydney on July 14! You will be gathered to share and to learn, to motivate and be motivated, to inspire and be inspired. You can’t miss it.

 Apply now

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Pre-apply for our workshop in Sydney

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On June 2, we held our first XMind workshop in San Francisco. It was great and we were so excited to finally meet our users in SF. They all shared a lot of their mind mapping experience with each other and each of them gains a lot. We’re so glad and proud to know that XMind is so useful for people using it.

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NEW! XMind for iOS brings new update to power your mind map

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XMind for iOS new update brings you highly customizable style, import and export to Markdown, drag & drop, up to six different color combinations for branches, quick format to mark topics and more – making it the most professional mind mapping tool on iOS devices. Here are the details.

Update Now (Read More…)

XMind for Android Private Beta is now recruiting Beta testers

Posted on June 14th, 2018 in XMind for Android | 10 Comments »

All the time, we received your emails, we read your blog comments, and we got your Facebook/Twitter messages. They all expressed the same voice: “We need the Android version!”. We do hear your voice, and now XMind for Android Private Beta is coming. Be the first to see XMind for Android and apply to be our Private Beta testers today!

Apply Now (Read More…)

XMind: ZEN new update now available with powerful import & export, customizable shortcuts, and more!

Posted on June 5th, 2018 in XMind: ZEN | 3 Comments »

Since the release of XMind: ZEN, we’ve received lots of fantastic feedback from XMind users. Thank you so much! We took a close look at every suggestion you brought up and worked hard on it for improvements. Now, XMind: ZEN 2.0 finally arrives with powerful new features, enhancements, and more!

Update Now (Read More…)

How to add additional text to a topic in XMind: ZEN?

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Mind mapping is a great way to help us record and express our thoughts visually, manage complex information, and get organized. To help more XMinders make the most of mind mapping, here we’d like to share some useful features to create a content-rich mind map with XMind: ZEN. (Read More…)