XMind listed in the Financial Times 1000 High Growth Companies Asia Pacific List

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We are excited to share that XMind has been selected as one of the top “1,000 High-Growth Companies in Asia Pacific” by Financial Times (FT).  (Read More…)

How to transfer your mind maps between computers and mobile devices?

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XMind Cloud will be officially shut down on 31 Jan 2018. If you still haven’t downloaded your mind maps stored on XMind Cloud, please click Here to download all your mind maps with one click.

After we published this news, we received many supportive comments from our users, for which we are very grateful. We really appreciate the support you have always given us. (Read More…)

Only $29.99 for XMind: ZEN and iOS – Launch Today

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After the hard work of our developers for the entire three years, countless days and nights of our skilled testers to test and report, careful collection of valuable feedback and advice from our faithful customers and continuous refinement of our “picky” designers and product managers, XMind: ZEN, the whole new amazing mind mapping tool, is finally available.

Download and Buy (Read More…)

Make your new year resolution with XMind ZEN

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Happy New Year to all our blog readers.

How time flies, 2017 is over and we welcome in the new year 2018. We believe that you’ve had a fruitful and successful 2017. New year, new resolution. It’s the perfect time for us to make this our best year ever. Let’s take the first step to make sure that the new year starts with a great new chapter by setting new year’s resolutions with XMind ZEN. (Read More…)

XMind for iOS Now Available. Get It Free for Limited Time Now

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We’ve all been there, forgot a brilliant idea we were just thinking; Found no logic in a pile of chaotic thoughts and things; Had no idea how to make our ideas clear when discussing…

Luckily, we have XMind now!

XMind is now available with the all-new Snowbrush engine, which ensures a fast and stable experience on iPhone and iPad. With 28 great-looking themes, everyone can create beautiful and professional mind maps easily. To make it easier to access your documents, XMind also supports iOS 11 Files. All these amazing features make XMind your must-have mobile mind mapping assistant on the go. (Read More…)

XMind Cloud Service Will Be Shut Down

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These days, we’ve made a tough decision. As you can see from the title, we are going to shut down XMind Cloud service officially on 31 Jan, 2018. We deeply apologize to everyone who relied on XMind Cloud in any way. It was really a super difficult decision to make and we really struggled a lot.
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Enter coupon code CyberMonday and enjoy $15 OFF for XMind 8 Pro

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XMind has been focusing on mind mapping for 12 years. In the past years, we’ve celebrated many holidays with You – all XMind lovers and our faithful friends, for which we are forever grateful. (Read More…)

Thanks for being with us for 12 years

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This year, it will be the twelfth Thanksgiving Day we celebrate with You – all XMind lovers and our faithful friends, for which we are forever grateful. Here we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and support during our past 12 years. We greatly appreciate your engagement and feedback that have helped us become the company we are today. (Read More…)

Introducing XMind ZEN, a whole new amazing mind mapping tool

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We’re really excited to announce our new product XMind ZEN is in public beta now. With a total new engine, XMind ZEN possesses a powerful graphics performance, creating a beautiful and easy way for mind mapping never before. (Read More…)

Get a sneak peek of XMind ZEN

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