Recently, we received an email from our friend Marcin Wudarczyk, CEO of NG Logic, a Warsaw located company. He told us they have almost finished the development of XMindlook, a xmind plugin. This is a very good news. XMindlook is focusing on “Empower your mind map” via Keeping tasks synchronized at all times transparently between MS Outlook and XMind.

After using a few weeks, I think XMindlook is worth for you to take a try, and want to share some my usages:

The first one is about the installment. Please download XMindlook.exe and install xmindlook.exe to the XMind installation folder. If you are using the XMind Portable version, please install xmindlook to “Commons” folder.

When you finish the installment, and launch XMind. You can find that XMindlook has created a new menu named XMindlook, a “XMindlook Registration” under help menu, two toolbar buttons, a new XMindlook page in preferences dialog, and three views in your XMind.

The third point is about the function of these views.

  • Categories view is used to add/delete/move/modify the categories and category groups.
  • Outlook task view is used to import/export tasks from outlook, sync the tasks with same name, and show unfinished tasks.
  • Taskinfo view is used to set the details of every task.

The forth point is XMindlook is not free($49.00), but you can free try 30 days. And it works well with XMind/XMind Pro and MS Outlook 2003/2007/2010.

And Mr Marcin also told us: “I am a heavy user od mind maps and GTD, so the product was made also to satisfy my own needs. This is our first XMind plugin, but hopefully,if you will like it, it will not be the last one. I will be happy to listen to the commuity feedback and continously improve our product to suit your needs, not only mine;) Our goal is to further extend XMind to make it wide-use and feature-rich mind mapping platform.”

At last, I want to say thank you, Mr Marcin. And we hope to see more plugins developed by the third party, no matter simple or big, free or paid. You are welcome!