Gear up With XMind Update of Autumn

Posted on September 23rd, 2019 in New Version, XMind for iOS, XMind: ZEN | 1 Comment »

A great project starts from a small idea.

Preparing for an entire summer, we are ready to gear you up for this autumn, or even better. This time, we’ve launched updates for XMind for iOS and XMind: ZEN.


XMind for iOS – Ignite the Small Screens


Inspiration happens everywhere, and be ready when it occurs to you. XMind always prepares to create an limitless loop for your ideas and inspiration.

We’ve updated new features for your big ideas on small tablets. Follow it to know how you can maneuver your ideas.

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Audio Note Sets Your Hands Free

Posted on January 28th, 2019 in Tips, XMind for iOS, XMind: ZEN | 2 Comments »

Taking notes in meeting or lecture can be a bit of challenge, not mention making mind maps. You are required to be a multi-task expert – concentrate on the current situation, extract useful information, while your hands lag behind, trying so hard to catch up with your mind. All this turns out to note with scribbles and filled with who-knows figures or symbols.

You need Audio Note for sure – an effective way of input yet effortless.

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NEW! XMind for iOS brings New Update to Power Your Mind Map

Posted on June 21st, 2018 in XMind for iOS | No Comments »

XMind for iOS new update brings you highly customizable style, import and export to Markdown, drag & drop, up to six different color combinations for branches, quick format to mark topics and more – making it the most professional mind mapping tool on iOS devices. Here are the details.

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XMind for iOS has just released its biggest update ever

Posted on April 9th, 2018 in XMind for iOS | 2 Comments »

About 3 months ago, we released XMind for iOS. It’s beautiful and easy to use, and it has since become a very popular mind mapping app, with hundreds of thousands of downloads. Today, XMind for iOS released a new update with some of the most requested features from our users: adding sticker, image, marker, note, attachment, hyperlink and label. Read the rest of this entry »

XMind for iOS Now Available. Get It Free for Limited Time Now

Posted on December 13th, 2017 in XMind for iOS | 32 Comments »

We’ve all been there, forgot a brilliant idea we were just thinking; Found no logic in a pile of chaotic thoughts and things; Had no idea how to make our ideas clear when discussing…

Luckily, we have XMind now!

XMind is now available with the all-new Snowbrush engine, which ensures a fast and stable experience on iPhone and iPad. With 28 great-looking themes, everyone can create beautiful and professional mind maps easily. To make it easier to access your documents, XMind also supports iOS 11 Files. All these amazing features make XMind your must-have mobile mind mapping assistant on the go. Read the rest of this entry »

XMind Cloud for iOS is Here

Posted on March 9th, 2017 in XMind for iOS | 22 Comments »

All the time, people keep asking the question: When will the iOS version be available. They either sent us an email, or left a comment on our blog post. And we did announce that our iOS version would be published in Fall 2016. However, the truth is that the release got postponed due to our perfectionism. We are very sorry but quality is always our first priority! Here we are so eager and excited to share this breaking news with you:

XMind Cloud for iOS is now finally available.

XMind Cloud for iOS extends your XMind Cloud to iPhone/iPad where you can directly create, view, and edit your mind maps. It’s your must-have mobile mind mapping assistant on the go.

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XMind for iOS – Coming This Fall

Posted on August 1st, 2016 in XMind for iOS | 21 Comments »

The day is finally coming! After years of diligent work, XMind is finally coming to iOS! Over the years, we’ve received countless requests from XMind lovers for bringing XMind to iOS. More precisely, we were asked to bring the same great feature sets, workflows, and stability to iPhone and iPad. Now, we are excited to announce that XMind for iOS is coming this Fall.

XMind for iOS makes mind mapping simple and easy!

We are now inviting beta testers from all over the world to be those who will be the first to test-drive this new XMind for iOS version. If you want to join the beta or share it with your friends, learn more on our beta page:

Join Beta Here

We’ll email you with an invitation as soon as the Beta becomes available!