With an XMind ID, set mind free

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With an XMind account, you can present your map anywhere.

Firstly, with the account, you can upload your maps online and share with people all over the world. Also, you can choose the map you like and add to favorite, then you will see the map in your account, staying in “My favorites”. If you are an XMind Pro user, your online maps can even be shared privately as you wish. In fact, the inspiration to write this blog is from the questions raised by one XMind Pro user.  He who is a CEO from a UK company, a mind mapping fan, began to use XMind by recommendation from his friend. Later, he consulted with us about how to cooperate with his colleagues by using XMind. After knowing about the Private Sharing, and even the other one whom he wants to share with doesn’t have to pay to be a Pro user, just needs to sign up an XMind account, he was very glad about it and felt it’s very convenient.

Secondly, the account is very important to use XMind Pro. You should use a code to activate your account, and then use the activated account to sign in when launching XMind Pro. With this account, the greatest benefit is that you can use XMind Pro anywhere! No geographic and time limitations, XMind is somehow close at hand.

How convenient it is! It only takes a little bit time to sign up a free account. Why don’t you have a try to sign up an XMind ID, then enter into this wonderful mind mapping world.

Interested in it? Get you own XMind ID at: http://www.xmind.net/signup/

Full screen Presentation powers our work

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The wise had told us communication is very important in our life.
We also know Presentation is an important way to communicate with others, esp in work. There are many companies designing and developing the tools to let us perform better on presentation. And so do us.
Mind map brings us a great way to catch inspiration, organize sparkles, plan project, and more other things. While we designed it in 2007, we asked ourselves, since mind map is so powerful and useful, why don’t we present the map directly. Then managers, colleagues, customers,and clients can understand us more clearly. How perfect! From Oct. 2007, XMind 2008 Pro has a special feature, Full Screen Presentation. A brand-new method.
With many follow-up hours’ work, now Presentation is very stable. Here are some key points to present your map in XMind Pro:

  • What we present is the current mind map
  • Only focused topic is highlighted.
  • Focused topic will be zoomed in and auto-centered.
  • Arrow keys and enter key both can navigate all topics.
  • You can switch between multiple sheets(one XMind file is a workbook including multiple sheets.) in sidebar.
  • You can record the audio to a topic during presentation in sidebar.
  • You can filter all topics via marker and label in sidebar.
  • Below are three screenshots:
    1. Beginning. all topics are hidden, only central topic is highlighted, centralized and zoomed in:
    2. During presentation. topics which have been navigated will be shown too.
    3. Sidebar and Button panel. Move mouse to the bottom, you will see the panel button. Click sidebar button, you will see the powerful sidebar at the left side. Here, you can navigate, filter, and record.

    This presentation mode is popular used to make speech in meeting, report in hall, etc. Maybe you’re willing to share some your experience with us. 🙂

    Process to Install and Use XMind Pro

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    With the XMind Share viewer below, we can see the full process to install and use XMind Pro. We hope this can help you understand XMind better:

    Click and See big map

    This is a public and downloadable map. As the XMind Pro subscriber, you can upload your own maps as private, and invite some special persons to see it online.

    Snow Leopard, XMind is Ready

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    Are you using Snow Leopard? XMind for Mac is ready for you.

    Work with Gmail, Google Docs in XMind

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    Recently, there have been some conversation about XMind tips with other mind mapping experts, like Philippe Boukobza. One interesting tip is to work with Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, and etc in XMind. It uses XMind inside browser, and hyperlink. Plus the Taskinfo and Gantt View feature, we can implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done™ methodology more easily in XMind.
    At beginning, we can easily drag-and-drop or add the hyperlink to a topic. Here we introduce below applications: Gmail, Google Docs, and Twitter. Because these are necessary tools in our work. Gmail is used to contact with customers. Google Docs is used to share the files inside. And Twitter is a great tool to communicate with some friends and XMind users.

    Here were some screenshots and usages:
    Twitter.com: I’m a heavy twitter user. Here, I can search some useful information, communicate with my friends who I never see before, accept suggestions from XMind users, and etc. All these information can let my plan or summary rich.
    Gmail: Gmail is a powerful tool. By using Tasks and labels, we can organize work easily. At most time, I will map the plan and list tasks in XMind with more information(end date, priority, process). Here, we can read, write emails, and add detailed tasks soon.
    Google Docs: What I do is to add my Google Docs account to a special topic. Of course, we can add an individual Google Docs file URL to a topic. Then we can edit the files and collaborate with others.

    We believe this tip can enhance our productivity. Are you just using this?

    XMind Share, Share with the World

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    As more and more people, businesses, and organizations are using Mind Mapping tools(or visual thinking) to do brainstorming, meeting record, organize idea, plan the project, do presentation and etc, we find that mind map should play an important role in communicating with each other. Now, Sharing XMind Maps with multiple people is easy. Instead of sending mail to everyone, you can simply share with the world via XMind Share.
    As an example, we are planing to introduce XMind software to peoples. Of course, we use mind map. So we draw a mind map, format the topics, insert images, then click “upload” button in XMind toolbar, and upload it to XMind Share.
    Then this map is at: Mind Mapping With XMind. Sharing this link, people can read this map online soon and easily.

    BTW, we can also use the Embed Code in the map page to show this map in our blog. Just paste that embed code into blog, and visitors can see that map here:

    Now, when people read your blog or get that map’s link, they can view this map and get all information soon. It’s that easy.

    This feature is public sharing. XMind Pro subscribers has another advanced feature, private sharing. They can select “Private” option while uploading map. And, the “private map” will be only seen by the people who get the owner’s invitation. Private and easy sharing are easy too.

    Visual Think anywhere with XMind Portable version

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    XMind Portable version makes visual thinking portable and freely!


    XMind Portable is an individual zip file.  No more installations. No more registration. Just download and unzip it.  Then, you possess the complete features-rich XMind.

    Save your download time for different operating systems. XMind Portable contains 4 operating system versions(XMind for Mac, XMind for Windows, XMind for Linux 32-bit, and XMind for Linux 64-bit) for you choose. Plus every version has 5 languages(English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, and Japanese).

    Without worrying about working on other computers. XMind Portable can be put into USB disk. Then simply plug this USB in and you have XMind available for you. If you save your work or other personal mind maps in this USB, your work and life will be portable too.

    If you are interested, please click and download XMind Portable.

    XMind Pro, with more powerful features than XMind, has portable version too. Please select and download it at XMind Pro Download page.

    Remaining questions about Portable? Let’s keep this dialog here and leave your comments! Oh, and if you have ideas leave them too!

    Welcome to the XMind blog!

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    Welcome to our blog! Mind mapping software is quickly growing in importance, not only as a tool to capture and organize your ideas, but also to organize projects, gather and present information, collaborate at a whole new level, and much more.

    After 3 years, XMind has grown to be one of the most important mind mapping software tools. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll explore this best tool, and other mind mapping related things. Welcome aboard!