Introducing XMind Gears – Mind Mapping Notebook, Canvas Bag, T-shirt, and More

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We are living in a society at a faster pace rushing into the future. Writing with a piece of paper and a pen seems to be a very last option in this scenario. But the privilege of witnessing your ideas floating and coming into life on the paper can never be replaced.

XMind dedicates to bring the best mind mapping products across all the devices, and we also hope you can enjoy the feeling of being surrounded with XMind, to be blessed with inspiration sparkles.

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NeverMind. XMind’s Original Typeface is Open to Download. For Free.

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We introduced NeverMind, our very first original typeface presented by the team last year, and soon we received countless of Wows and Cools, and “Where can I download this typeface?” questions.
Today is the day, we decided to share it to everyone for free, from individuals to enterprise, and we feel your support sincerely.

You can download on GitHub and NeverMind supports SIL Open Font License. You can click here to preview, download and install it right away. It is a joyful thing to see how NeverMind is applied on different scenes and for different audiences, so please share with us on your way of using NeverMind.

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Woo-hoo! We are Hiring.

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It’s the 14th birthday for XMind, and it’s another year for us to explore in mind mapping. XMind has been shaping in a way that beyond our imagination and expectation. We’re grateful to work, study, and witness how our users in the globe have grown in both figures and experience.

That’s why we are looking for a group of people who is self-driven, innovative and independent, most importantly, with the faith of building and creating what the users exactly want. Let’s have a look behind the curtain (or you can scroll down for the open occupations if you’ve known us well).

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Create the First Mind Map is Easy and Fun

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Visualize your ideas in your mind helps you to know what’s in your mind both vertically and horizontally. But most importantly, to get your mind to be clear and organized. Follow the steps below to create your first mind map in just a few minutes.

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Braving 2020 with XMind for iOS Updates

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Since we’ve worked on and made the best use of the latest iOS, we also kept going to tune everything perfectly in the past months, including iPadOs. Coming with 3 new features, and several enhancements, the final update of this year of XMind hops – XMind for iOS updates is ready to take off.

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4 Steps for a Special Christmas Party with XMind

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Dashing through the snow. In a one-horse open sleigh.

O’er the field we go. Laughing all the way.

Merry Christmas, and thank you for letting us be a part of your work and life. This time, we would love to reveal how to create a party plan on mind map with Christmas element.

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Your Creation Worth Seeing – Contribute Your Stickers Design

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Jot down what’s in your mind can be a fun, and endless journey. However, we always need a finishing touch for our mind maps to make it different.

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Revive with XMind: ZEN Update for this Spring

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The buzzing of the bees, the growing willow trees, and the mild breeze. Blossom by blossom the spring begins, and XMind: ZEN Update 201904 rings. Start a treasure hunt with us, and see what are the latest features in this update.

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A Review of XMind Workshops

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Hi, I am Lindy, from XMind marketing team.

I was collating my previous notes and found some interesting texts. Therefore I think it is practical to share them with all the readers through XMind blog.

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XMind Workshop is Back and Recruiting

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We’ve met users in London, San Francisco, and Sydney. Those wow moments are memorable, and seems happened yesterday. We want to continue this amazing journey with more people.

We are bringing back the workshop this year, with updates, with tips we want to share, and with your participation with changes and upgrades. You will be gathered to share and to learn, to motivate and be motivated, to inspire and be inspired.

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