How to embed a mind map to your blog?

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In 2016, we celebrated our 10th anniversary. We are so proud that XMind has been working at designing and developing the professional, friendly, and innovative mind mapping and brainstorming tools for more than 10 YEARS! We are forever grateful for the engagement and feedbacks from all of our customers that have helped us become the company we are today. Read the rest of this entry »

New year resolution: go to Gym with XMind

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The new year is always a time for resolutions. Maybe after the Christmas feast and the all-night party on New Year’s eve, you’re beginning to concern about how to keep in shape, and how to have a healthier body in the new year. Well, you know that taking more exercises and eating less will do you good, but it’s easy to slip back into the old ways. In order not to compile formidable lists of ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ just mentally, why not go to gym together with your friend XMind ?  Read the rest of this entry »

Volume Pricing Available. Get back to work with XMind easily!

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Now that Christmas and holiday season are over, we all have to get back to work again. XMind team hopes all of our customers have had a great holiday season.

For many of us, the vision of getting back to work after holiday sessions and the reality usually have very little in common. While many of us expect to sit down at our desks after time away filled with boundless energy and restored creativity, what usually ends up happening is that we spend several scattered hours falling further behind on tasks built up in the interim.  Read the rest of this entry »

How to write an annual report to your boss?

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Supervisors in nearly every kind of company require written reports from staff members from time to time. The reports range from brief status reports on various projects to extensive reports concerning important corporate matters. Creating an annual report can be a daunting task, especially for those new to this challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

Time to celebrate! A step-by-step guide with XMind

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Christmas is here! Are you considering a family celebration along with some friends? However, as the old saying goes “He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration”, you need to plan ahead. Read the rest of this entry »

How to use XMind to organize your to-dos?

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the things you need to do? In fact, many people use XMind as a tool to keep them up with their to-dos, stay organized, and to be more productive. Mr. White, product manager of X company, is one of them. Mr. White has a very busy life, but he always manages to balance his personal life with work. How could he succeed in doing that? Here is how Mr. White lists and arranges his events using XMind. Read the rest of this entry »

How to effectively use XMind for project management?

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Nowadays, projects are becoming bigger and more complex. Project manager George is managing five major projects simultaneously. It’s two weeks before the deadline of one of them. But the project is at least five weeks behind!  Read the rest of this entry »

XMind is the alternative for FreeMind

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Mind mapping is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that helps make brainstorming, organize and analyze information, manage projects, comprehend and generate new ideas.

XMind offers a free, easy-to-use and open-source version of mind mapping software, which is an excellent alternative to FreeMind. Furthermore, XMind supports exporting to and importing from FreeMind files.

Open Source & Award Winner

XMind is an open source software. We opened the source of XMind (except some professional features). Download Source Code.

BTW, XMind is the best Eclipse RCP application 2008, the best project for academia 2009 in the SourceForge community, and one of the PCWorld 100 best products of 2010.

Create a Map

When you first open XMind, you’re greeted by a clean and intuitive interface. Creating a mind map in XMind is very straightforward: XMind offers you a number of ready-made mind map templates and themes that make it easy for anyone to create beautiful mind maps. These templates and themes are easy to use and free. You can add topics and subtopics using the Enter and Tab key. This makes it easy and convenient to add a large number of topics to your map very quickly.

XMind automatically positions topics. If you want to change the layout of your mind map, XMind offers you several options. There are 16 structures available in XMind such as Fishbone, Tree chart, Org chart, Matrix etc., and you can change the map structure easily in the Properties view.

Fishbone Structure

Matrix Structure

XMind supports using different structures in the same mind map.

In XMind, you can create a Floating Topic by double-clicking a blank area of the map. When you want to add an idea or piece of information to your mind map, but aren’t quite sure where it fits in the hierarchy of topics and sub-topics, you can temporarily put it in an open area of the workspace as a floating topic. XMind also enables you to add sub-topics for the floating topic and you can change the structure of the floating topic.

Enrich a Map

In order to enrich mind maps, XMind offers many small “accessories” we can use in our mind maps.

Attachment. You can attach a file to an XMind topic in two ways: add a hyperlink or an attachment to the topic. All attachments travel with XMind files during sharing, so that anyone you share your maps with will be able to view the attached file.


Summary. Summary is a brief description of topic areas on the map, and is used to highlight the major points for helping the audience quickly grasp the purpose of the map topics. Like other types topic, you can change the style of the summary and create subtopics.


Clip Arts. As the saying goes, “Pictures are worth a 1000 words.” The right images make a more intuitive mind map. To help express your thought visually, you can spice up your maps with hundreds of clip arts.



Explore More features!

XMind Portable

XMind Portable is specially designed for people who have limitation to install software on computers, or have to use XMind temporarily on other computers. No setup required, you can download the zip file, unzip it to a new folder, and then launch XMind directly without installation. This package is a combination of Windows/Mac/Linux version. You can even unzip it to a USB drive, and take it with you wherever you go.

XMind Pro

In addition to the free version of XMind, a Pro version is also available, which adds task management, brainstorming and presentation capabilities. In addition, you can export maps created in XMind to PDF, Word, PPT, Excel, SVG, OpenOffice, MS Project, MindManager and FreeMind.


At XMind, we are always working on new ways to help our customers use XMind with efficiency. As the most popular mind mapping software, we are keep updating our XMind software and developing more new features. Furthermore, our support team is available to answer questions and solve problems from both Free and Pro users. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We will be glad to help you.

Download XMind and try it FREE.

Save your map in Dropbox

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All of us realize that file sharing has become an integral part of our life and work. Here we’d like to share how to use XMind with Dropbox.

As we know, Dropbox is great at syncing files between computers. Anything you save in Dropbox folder will be accessible from any other devices.

Using XMind with Dropbox

Three easy steps to access your mind map across all your computers:

  • Sign up an account and install Dropbox on your computer;
  • Create a new folder named “XMind” in your Dropbox;
  • Save XMind files directly to this folder.

After saving your mind map to Dropbox, it can be directly opened from and saved to Dropbox. If you edit the mind map opened from Dropbox and click Save, your mind map will be updated automatically.

If you’d like to share your maps with other people, that’s easy too—just create a shared link.

Download XMind Free and try!

Angry Birds are using XMind

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The Angry Birds Movie is hot worldwide after a few weeks of the release. This movie is a 2016 3D computer-animated action-adventure comedy film based on the video game series of the same name. It was released in the United States on May 20, 2016.

The film tells the simple story of birds. Bird Island is an island inhabited by flightless birds. One day, a boat docks at Bird Island, carrying pigs from Piggy Island. Claiming to be peaceful explorers bringing offerings of friendship, the pigs are accepted on the island. However, Red, Chuck and Bomb realize the pigs’ purpose is to steal the birds’ eggs. Red’s group attempts to retrieve the eggs.

You might not know that Angry Birds is one of our customers who use XMind to think through projects and challenges more completely, and reach clarity on issues faster. They love XMind!

Use XMind in your work

XMind is a great tool for project planning and project management.

As you start a project, there are numerous things need to be organized, such as processes of the project, business requirements analysis in measurable goals, financial analysis of the costs and benefits, task assignment, task priority etc.

XMind can be used to collect and organize relevant information, so that you and every member of your team have a clear understanding of the goal, schedule, budget, resources, risks, and requirements for the project. Task information such as assignee, duration and priority can be easily applied directly to each task in your mind map. You can also define project milestones and track the progress of key elements of your project in XMind.

After adding all task details, you can easily check all these tasks and their detailed information in the Gantt chart view. Gantt chart is a special viewer illustrating a project schedule, showing the timelines of the tasks and tracking assigned tasks. And you can quickly make adjustments in Gantt chart when schedules and resources change.

Furthermore, XMind 7 enables you to export your Gantt chart to MS Project, PDF and image file for further development or to share them with other project managers. You can also print the entire project. If you have a big project, XMind even lets you print it on multiple pages.

As you can see, XMind is a powerful, flexible and highly productive way to manage your projects. It not only helps you with initial project planning, but also various aspects of project management.

If you are using XMind, why not give it a try today? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the clarity it brings to your projects. And it will help you significantly increase your productivity!

Customers who are using XMind

Many companies and organizations are benefiting from XMind, such as Angry Birds, Commerzbank, European Parliament etc.

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