The Beginner Guide of Mind Map Presentation

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Searching for a guide about presentations for mind mappers?

You are in the right place.

Here is part 1 of our series for mind map presentations. In the following, we will unravel advanced tips for using mind map presentations, and resources to build your own presentation templates.

In this post, you are going to learn the basics to get mind map presentation right within 5 easy steps.

But let’s make sure we are on the same page…

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How to Manage Your Time with Mind Mapping (Hint: You Don’t Always Need To)

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Mind maps are useful tools for time management in its flexibilities, big-picture view and low learning curve.

If you waste one day after another, your chance of achieving isn’t just an improbability, it’s an impossibility.

But here’s the thing: it’s hard NOT to waste time.

Eating the frog is intimidating. The daily routine is boring. Worse than that, the journey seems endless.

You try out different methods, however, years gone by, things are still the same.

Then you come across mind mapping, and the advocacy about mind maps in productivity. Maybe this time, the case would be different?

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How To Make A Concept Map (Actionable Guide for Beginners)

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How to make a concept map?

If you haven’t got a clear answer to it, then this guide is for you!

Concept mapping requires brainstorming, structuring, linking, finalizing. It helps demonstrate tacit knowledge and has greater ability in showing complex analysis.

This article is loaded with templates and best practices on each step of mapping. In short, to make a concept map, you need to go through: preparation, brainstorming, structuring, linking, and finalizing.

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How to Print Mind Map Completely and Clearly

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Presenting the mind map is like giving a second birth of your ideas. Reading the mind map on desktop and printing is different. When printing a mind map filled with topics, characters might be shrunk and it can be hard to read.

Follow the instructions below, and find the right solution when printing.

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How to Create Flowcharts in XMind | Steps and Templates

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Because of its unlimited canvas and smooth interaction, XMind is often used as flowchart makers. Although XMind is a part-time flowchart maker, (and a full-time mind map maker obviously), some handy features really help brainstormers to create their workflow diagrams quickly.

A simple flowchart

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How to Use XMind for Project Management | Steps and Templates

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A topic links to the another topic.

(Watch the Tutorial)

Project management can get trivial and nasty. Tons of details, complexly linked resources, and interchanging client priorities are all but just part of the pain points. Even Agile is full of pitfalls.

The key to keeping even multiple projects under control is to hold all stakeholders accountable. And the best way to achieve that is to show them the information clearly and visually. You can accomplish it through many approaches, XMind is one of them.

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Shortcuts Combo of XMind: ZEN

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Inspiration is once in a blue moon. You miss it once, you miss them all. That’s why you need Shortcuts, to capture them at a blink.

Get ready for the next level of efficiency by maneuvering the hidden tricks on your keyboard.

XMind: ZEN provides 4 types of Shortcuts: File, Edit, Insert and View.

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3 Tips to Make this Fall Semester Different

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Summer fades, and autumn approaches while school bells ring.

It’s time for a new semester again. You might miss the joyful time of summer days, but it’s time to gear up for the new semester and make a change. We cherish students and teachers because productivity tool can not only benefit them in learning and teaching, but also exploring more possibilities, waking inspirations, and build up their productivity palace. We’ve prepared Special Offer for Academia for students and teachers, for making your rigid campus schedule efficient and a little more easier. If you’ve left the campus, we’ve also prepared a special treat for you at this Fall Semester to light up the efficiency.

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How to Create a Beautiful Mind Map – Basic | Principles and Tips

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How to Use Matrix and Fishbone Diagram [Free Download Templates]

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Some XMind friends have been using matrix and fishbone to create magic. But these two diagrams appear to be mysteries to many. The various terms like Eisenhower chart, SWOT diagram, cause-and-effect chart, Ishikawa diagram confuse us all. So what are they? And what’s the difference? How do they compare to other typical tree charts? Here is the brief answer below.

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