3 Tips to Make this Fall Semester Different

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Summer fades, and autumn approaches while school bells ring.

It’s time for a new semester again. You might miss the joyful time of summer days, but it’s time to gear up for the new semester and make a change. We cherish students and teachers because productivity tool can not only benefit them in learning and teaching, but also exploring more possibilities, waking inspirations, and build up their productivity palace.

We’ve prepared Special Offer for Academia for students and teachers, for making your rigid campus schedule efficient and a little more easier.

If you’ve left the campus, we’ve also prepared a special treat for you at this Fall Semester to light up the efficiency.

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3 Steps for a Seamless Transfer on Android Device

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Wi-Fi Transfer is officially released on XMind for Android! As long as your Android device and targeted devices are connecting to the same Wi-Fi, you can transfer and download right away. Fast, stable and secured.

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Enter coupon code CyberMonday and enjoy $15 OFF for XMind 8 Pro

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XMind has been focusing on mind mapping for 12 years. In the past years, we’ve celebrated many holidays with You – all XMind lovers and our faithful friends, for which we are forever grateful. Read the rest of this entry »

$15 OFF – Thanksgiving Gift from XMind on 10th Anniversary

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Here we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and support during our past ten years. XMind has been working at designing and developing the professional, friendly, and innovative mind mapping and brainstorming tools for a FULL 10 YEARS! We are forever grateful for your engagement and feedback that have helped us become the company we are today. And we’re so excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you, our loyal customers.

On this Thanksgiving Day, we are thrilled to bring you a gift. From now on you can buy XMind 8 Pro with $15 OFF. Special offer ends at 8:00 am Nov 26 (GMT).

Buy XMind 8 Pro

Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving gift.

Save up to 50% on XMind 8 Launch Day

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Facing information overload? Having no clue how to start a business? Suffering from managing a bunch of projects at the same time? Wanting to plan an awesome vacation? Here’s the solution. XMind is widely used in critical thinking, brainstorming, notes taking, decision making, presentation, project management and etc.

XMind 8, the biggest update of 2016, is coming with a fresher look and a bevy of surprisingly helpful features. To celebrate the launch of XMind 8 that so many of you have been waiting for, we are offering 50% OFF for XMind Pro.

Save 50% Now 

The promotion begins at 7:00 am Nov 2 and ends at 7:00 am Nov 5(GMT). You may find your local time in the following table.

To save 50% on XMind Pro, please enter the coupon code XMIND8LAUNCH on the order page.

For people who purchased XMind 7.5 Pro/Plus/Upgrade after we published XMind 8 Public Beta (Sep 10), you will receive the free upgraded XMind 8 Pro/Plus license key in about a week.

Great Gift – 1$ for XMind Plus to students

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Mind mapping is a revolutionary approach to both teaching and learning. Mind maps capture each individual’s thought process and make it easier for students to communicate and present ideas. Using mind maps as an innovative thinking tool in education helps students visualize concepts and understand the connections between different ideas. XMind is widely used in presentations, critical thinking, brainstorming, notes taking, decision making and project management.

Now, we offer students XMind Plus at 1$ during back-to-school season. XMind makes learning much easier than ever!

With XMind, you can

  • Take better notes
  • Organize thoughts and ideas visually
  • Memorize and recall knowledge quickly
  • Write essays and reports successfully
  • Prepare for exams easily
  • Make presentations in a clear structure
  • Share ideas with classmates effectively

For a limited time, get XMind Plus for only 1$ and get ready for the new semester.

This special offer is valid only from September 5 to September 12, 2016. Take advantage of this great offer now and prepare for academic success with XMind.

Grab the Gift

For students who want to experience the full version of XMind and enjoy more professional features, we highly recommend XMind Pro with Academia Discount. Now, we offer volume pricing for all students, teachers and schools.

Enjoy Academia Discount

Volume Pricing for EDU, to Gear Up a New Term with XMind Pro

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A new school term is coming soon, and many teachers work very hard in the weeks before school starts to get their teaching materials ready; students are busy getting prepared for the new first day, making plans for the new semester and managing to-do-lists to organize and prioritize tasks.

A revolutionary approach to both teaching and learning

All of us know that XMind is the most popular mind mapping software, which helps people clarify thinking, brainstorm, and boost studying and working productivity. To help teachers prepare a lesson plan, brainstorm and generate discussions in class, deliver lessons with compelling presentations, analyze study materials and to help students take better notes, organize thoughts and ideas, memorize and recall knowledge, prepare for exams, XMind offers academia discount for all students, teachers and schools. XMind also gains the best project for academia award in the SourceForge Community Choice Awards 2009.

Volume pricing now available until 15 Sep.

For students and teachers,
Buy 1 XMind Pro, not $129, ONLY $59;
Buy 2 XMind Pro, not $59, ONLY $49 each!

Buy XMind Pro for EDU

XMind is the best alternative to NovaMind

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The company that has been developing NovaMind is being shut down. NovaMind users may be wondering what is the best alternative to NovaMind?

Without doubt, XMind is the best alternative for NovaMind. Like NovaMind, XMind is a cross-platform mind mapping tool, which supports Windows, Mac and Linux. Based on the Eclipse platform, XMind ensures the consistent interaction on both Windows and Mac. Consistency in cross-platform interfaces allows users to leverage their existing knowledge of an interface on one platform to make use of a similar application interface on a different one. What’s more, XMind for Mac has all the same features of XMind for Windows, while some Mac mind mapping tools have very limited features compared to its Windows version.

This year we published XMind 7.5 with XMind Cloud. XMind Cloud supports online editing, which allows you to access, view, and edit your mind maps wherever you go — from a phone, a tablet, or any computer. And XMind for iOS is coming this Fall.

Now, we offer 30% discount for NovaMind users who want to use XMind Pro. This offer is valid only before end of September. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer!

Get Discount Now!

50% OFF on XMind 7.5 Launch Day – ONE day only!

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It’s time to celebrate! XMind will publish XMind 7.5 with XMind Cloud on June 29. All of us here at XMind would like to take this opportunity to send out a genuine THANK YOU to all XMind lovers.

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, we’re excited to give you 50% OFF on XMind Pro. This offer is valid only for ONE day (29th June), so don’t miss out!

Get Discount Now

To save 50% on XMind Pro, please enter the coupon code CLOUDLAUNCH on the order page.

At XMind, we are always working on new ways to help our customers use XMind with efficiency. As syncing becomes an integral part of our life and work, XMind, the most popular mind mapping software, brings you a new version 7.5 with XMind Cloud.

What’s New in XMind 7.5?

XMind Cloud

XMind Cloud makes it easier than ever to automatically sync files across multiple Mac/PCs. Fast, secure, and easy-to-use. Online viewing and editing in browser is also awesome (coming in July). 1 GB storage space.




New Share Dialog

In order to simplify the sharing process, XMind 7.5 offers an improved sharing feature which enables you to share your mind maps directly on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Even embed to your blog.




60,000+ Pretty Icons

As the saying goes, “Pictures are worth a 1000 words. ” Right images make a more intuitive mind map. XMind 7.5 enables you to search and drag more than 60,000 icons of various styles directly from Iconfinder.com, the biggest icon library in the world.



Major Improvements

  • Brand New Vector Markers (SVG)
  • Colorful sheet tabs
  • More “Multi Branch Colors” options
  • Copy/Paste Topics Optimization
  • Rename sheet interaction optimization
  • Group themes
  • Add “All” option in droplist menu of Theme Editor dialog
  • Print Dialog Optimization
  • New Notification UI
  • Add checkbox option to dictionaries in Spelling settings
  • Many other improvements


Get XMind TeamPackage For Your Team Productivity

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In January, we lanuched an XMind Pro TeamPackage Special Offer. With up to 30% discount off, tens of teams have got the full version XMind Pro to take control of their business productivity. It’s a good performance in a month’s time.

So we decided to keep on this teampackge promotion with a lower discount than January’s. And we bring more teampackge options for you.

Go to the introduction page, to see what kind of offer is suitable for you.