Meet NeverMind – Typeface Originally Designed and Presented by XMind

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We endeavor to bring out the best mind mapping and brainstorming tool, but this time, we want to make a challenge – upgrade your reading experience.

Introducing NeverMind, originally and proudly presented by the XMind team.

Covering languages spoken in 40 countries, numbers and punctuation, NeverMind is a San-Serif font built with Geometric and Humanistic.

We did a little talk with the leading designer of the NeverMind project, Lan, approaching to the backstage and diving into his world of designing.

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In Reminiscence of Tony Buzan

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Here the author placed the image of a grave

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.

Tony Buzan

13th April 2019, the lighthouse of mind mapping harbour faded. Tony Buzan, the promoter of mnemonic systems and mind mapping techniques, closed his eyes but left us with his incredible fortune which he spent his life to popularise and make it well-known…

He is best known for his speed reading and mind mapping techniques. His work on mind mapping has been turned into 100 best-sellers, translated into 150 languages and read by millions of people worldwide.

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