Evaluate XMind v3.2 beta now

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XMind v3.2 is in beta now. People can download the proper version for your operating system, and use the special XMind ID to evaluate all features, including XMind Pro features.

Download Link
Windows XP/Vista/7
Mac OS X 10.4 and later
Linux  32-bits
Linux 64-bits
Portable Version (can work on multiple operating systems)

Changes in v3.2

Special XMind Account for evaluation only
ID, XMind32test
PW, XMind32test

Note that, while evaluating this beta version, please install it to a special folder or use the Portable version. Then the older version on your computer will not be affected.

Once you find bugs, or have any ideas, suggestion, please feel free to contact us. You can send email ( support@xmind.net ) with subject, XMind v3.2 Test, or directly tell us on Twitter.

Thank you for your support very much! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Say Thank You to your contribution

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Since XMind was put into the marketplace, we have had many supporters from Germany.  Undoubtly, XMind German version, as a bridge or a link, quickly brings XMind close to our Germany users. This is definitely a key point.

Now we would like to solemnly introduce a nice friend from Germany, Mr. Jens Pipka, a senior consultant for IT Technology and Architecture since more than 15 years, who has done XMind German translation for us voluntarily since 2007. We have had a pleasant cooperation with him. During these years, each time when XMind released a new version,  Mr. Jens Pipka kindly did us a favor for German translation. It’s not a easy thing.  We never met each other. There is a sense of trust between us. We really appreciate for all the effort he has done for XMind these years.

And we also would like to say “Thank you” to all our contributors, who help us to do translations, who help us to figure out the reasons for bugs, who offer suggestions for improvements, who do beta test for us and etc. It’s our great honor to have such nice users. Thank you all!

Now XMind new version is around the corner, with your help, therefore, XMind could have this stable and wide development.

A piece of news about XMind

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There is a good news for XMind users who speak or like French.  XMind coming new version will have a French language package inside.
Here, let’s say thank you to Mr. Philippe Boukobza and his team. Thank you for all your wonderful contribution!

XMind v3.1.1, with some important updates

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Friday, 4 December, 2009 — XMind, a leader in mind mapping, visual thinking and collaboration software, today announced XMind 3.1.1, with many important


  1. If your account has been renewed, after signing in, your XMind title will become “XMind Pro”.
  2. XMind shows the Path of current XMind file in the window title.
  3. XMind prepares the description file about “XMind File Format” for Developers.
  4. While launching XMind, you can enable “Do not show this again”. Then you can sign in under Help menu when you want to.
  5. Every Pro feature is labeled “Pro” in Menu.
  6. If you sign up an account in the inside browser, XMind will sign in automatically.
  7. If you renew you account in the inside browser, XMind will enable all Pro features automatically.
  8. Improve some translation.

and fix some Bugs:

  1. When adding local files as hyperlink in XMind for Windows version, if the path has “space”, XMind will not work well.
  2. If using Spreadsheet structure, we can not edit the column name via double-click.
  3. If showing the Legend in the map, we can not edit the description of markers in legend via double-click.
  4. While signing into your account on XMind.net, we can not unsubscriber the newsletter/tips at the Setting page.
  5. After extracting a new Theme or Style, we can not rename them via double-click in the theme view or style view.

Brand-new look of XMind.net

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Another important thing we would like to share with you is:
Our website, XMind.net has been revised successfully.

Here I list some major changes of our website:

  1. More attractive Home page: More friendly and good-looking design. You will find the target information easily.
  2. New website with many improvements, especially can work fluently on any browsers.
  3. New Downloading: Save your time, be nice, considerate to you. Two editions, one Package only.
  4. Better viewer for your online maps: Make every effort to build perfection.

At last, on this Thanksgiving Day, we also would like to take the opportunity to thank you, our friends, thanks for all your support, thanks for being with XMind for so long time. We believe that with your support, your understanding, your patience, XMind can get better and better. We are so deeply grateful to all of these, and we will take this as our forward momentum!
Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Better Mind Mapping with XMind 3.1

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November 23, 2009 — XMind, a leader in mind mapping, visual thinking and collaboration software, today announced XMind 3.1, a major release of its award-winning product. New XMind will be more accessible to a broader audience and more powerful for professional users.

Here let’s know about the changes in this powerful new version:

New Features

  1. Default Theme, now makes it easy to use your favorite theme and even your own designed theme in new maps.
  2. Brainstorming Mode, help you get sparkles easily and save more time.
  3. Powerful Search, now works among all workbooks, which means you can fast find out useful information in all open XMind files.
  4. Relative Link, lets XMind be able to your assistant to manage files better.
  5. Export to PDF(Map), offers another option to share our maps with the world.
  6. Sorting Topics, helps us review the whole plan handily.
  7. Enhanced spellchecker, could be our great assistant in work. It not only tell us which is wrong, but also what the right is. Another good news is that we can add our own dictionary file(.dict) into XMind.
  8. XMind has the new online update system.

Fixed bugs

  1. Fishbone: If changing map’s structure to fishbone, add summary to a topic, drag and add more topic into this summary, click print, the layout is chaos. When reopening this map, the layout will be chaos too.
  2. Extract Theme: If we extract a theme(named theme 1), close and reopen xmind, then extract another theme(its name will be the theme 1 automatically,), change its name (like to be theme 2).Now when we reopen XMind, the theme 2 is lost.
  3. Context Menu: Only in the first sheet of the first workbook, select a topic and right-click mouse, you can see the full context menu(including markers, and structures).
  4. Upload map: If we add some special theme or style to a map and upload it to http://share.xmind.net/, then download this map and open it, all special theme and style will disappear.
  5. Import XMind 2008 file: If the map has wallpaper, that wallpaper will lose after being imported.
  6. Import FreeMind 0.9: Some Freemind 0.9 files can not be right imported into XMind.
  7. Extract style: Sometimes, your extracted style will disappear after re-launching XMind Pro.
  8. Export dialog and others works well on Ubuntu, esp 9.10.
  9. Copying multiple lines which begins with “Tab” will cause XMind crash.
  10. Some other bugs fixed.


  1. You can open XMind files via double-click on Mac OS.
  2. XMind works fluently on Mac OS 10.4.
  3. Improve the Spell Check in XMind.
  4. Improve the Find and Replace.
  5. Improve the Notes.
  6. XMind Pro users can use XMind Pro offline.
  7. Some other improvements.

Want to know more? Download and try Now. It’s our honor to hear your voice.

How to make full use of XMind to benefit our Project Management?–Taskinfo and Gantt View

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It is obvious that Visual Think really can do something helpful to Project Management. XMind, as a great Visual Think/Brainstorming Software, can also benefit our Project Management via its friendly design, many powerful but easy-using features. In the coming several blogs, we’ll focus on how to make full use of XMind in managing projects.

Of all the features that XMind owns, Taskinfo, Gantt View, Powerful Filter, Map Merge, Presentation Mode, Fishbone Chart, Spreadsheet chart, Multiple Sheets/Workbook, Brainstorming mode/Timer* do play important roles in Project Management. Here goes the first one: Taskinfo and Gantt View.

When running a project, there are numerous things need to organize, such as: steps in the whole project, business requirements analysis in measurable goals, financial analysis of the costs and benefits, task assignment, task priority and so on. Therefore, how to get all these things done is not that easy.

Now, you may need XMind, a visual think tool. Suppose that in Executing Stage of a Project, drawing a mind map is very necessary to carry out all the things planed to do, such as business requirements, functions as it was intended, acceptable quality standards of the product, time and budget constraints, and all others aspects. Then we need to list all tasks, and each task has a start and end date, has its own priority and progress. It’s time for us to use Taskinfo. We can select the task and choose the start/end date, priority, and progress percentage for a certain task in the Taskinfo View, and even add the person in “Assigned to”*.

Everything is in order. Click “Show Gantt Chart” under View menu, we will easily check all these tasks and detailed information. Gantt Chart in XMind is a special Viewer illustrating a project schedule, showing the timelines of the tasks, ordering all tasks with their priorities. When does this task start, when does it end. Which tasks are urgent, should be done at once, which have not to. What’s the progress of a task. Moreover, moving a mouse to a task, we will see who are in charge of it in the future. Here, we can understand fully at one glance. I guess it will be a better idea for us to use this view to communicate/discuss with other members than just watching it by ourselves.

Apparently, you may be aware of that Taskinfo and Gantt View can do better performance when they work together. That’s definitely true. Finally, it seems that arranging and managing your tasks is not that hard.

How Effective and valuable approaches for Project Management, would you like to have the experience by yourself? Just do it, don’t be hesitate. Whatever you think of them, please make your voice heard.

*The features, Brainstorming/Timer and Assigned to, will be available in the coming version.
**Taskinfo and Gantt View are both available in XMind Pro only.

A glimpse of XMind new version

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XMind is still in development. This version has taken a littler more time. We’re still working on it, and will have it completed this month.
Now, let us preview part new features here.

Relative hyperlink
This feature enable we have more choices while adding local files.
Sorting Topics
Do you want to see the latest modified topic, or the task with the highest priority? These will be available in the coming version.
Powerful Search
Searching content in entire workbook and showing them with the full path, are these you wanted? Both available.
Default Theme
Theme is made up of topic color, shape, size, line color, background color, and etc. You will not only have ability to design and extract your own theme, but also let it be the default theme in your XMind Pro.

Time is up. 🙂 If you want to enjoy all new features before releasing, please send an email to “info@xmind.net” with subject “XMind Beta Test” to join our beta test. Once beta version is OK, you will receive the download link and test account.

Some users may upload the map by accident. In future, you can disable this button. Please Delete the file, net.xmind.share_3.0.3.200904291819.jar, which is at “plugin” folder in XMind installation folder. (if your operating system is XP, it should be at, C:\Program File\XMind\plugins)