Share mind map with XMind free

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From XMind 2012, all xmind online service are free, including private sharing the online map with others.

Normal Share

  1. Luanch xmind, open a map
  2. Click Share button on the toolbar
  3. In the coming upload dialog, add description for this map, select Public or Unlisted in the privacy page, and upload this map
  4. In the coming finish notification dialog, click See It Now
  5. Then, you’ll see this map online, and share its URL to others via email, IM tool, twitter and etc.

Private Share

The first two steps are same with normal share.

  1. In the coming upload dialog, add description for this map, select Private in the privacy page, and upload this map
  2. Go to this map page, click share to button on map’s description area
  3. Input the xmind ids or emails of friends, colleagues and others,  then click ok.
  4. system will send every one an invitation email.

Then, your friends or colleagues can review this map online or download to their computers to do modifications.

BTW, to let people read full map online, it will be better to expand all branches before uploading it.

New XMind, More Choices

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Besides updating XMind open source and XMind Pro Subscription package, XMind 2012 also instrduces two new life-time plans, XMind Plus 2012 and XMind Pro 2012.

These two plans have different arrangment on features. XMind Pro 2012 has all features, and XMind Plus not.

Only $79, XMind Plus 2012 offers users many wide-used features, like Export to Word/PPT, Export to PDF, Image Gallery, Extract Theme, Map Shot, Map Merge, and etc. We believe these great features will be very helpful on your work, thinking, and communication. More important, while placing order, you can even choose to enjoy 2-year upgrade with just $29!

XMind Pro 2012 offers all features, like Brainstorming mode, Presentation, Gantt chart view, Powerful search, Encrypt with password, TaskInfo view and etc. It offers the best support to your business work, project management, personal plan. Of course, it has a reasonal price, $99 for life time!

Want to know more about them? Lear now.

Introduce XMind 2012

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Hello, everyone. Long time to wait. Today we’ve made XMind new version and the brand-new website available.

new XMind 2012

re-designed Gantt Chart
People like this feature very much although the old one is hard to use. So we improved it. In fact, we really spent much time on this. And we belive the time is worthy.

New Gantt chart supports to modify state/end date, create dependency between tasks and change timeline scale. It also works with the Drilldown feature. When drilling down in the map, gantt chart will focus on this branch only. And more important, XMind will keep enhancing this view to serve you better.

This is a very helpful feature for students, teachers, project managers, and any person who cares about how he thought things before. Revision offers the opportunity to review how map was days before and even revert back to it. Yes, back to every revision in this map from very beginning.

BTW, this feature is available in XMind free package too. At present, you can just review revisions. In the future, you could be able to do comparison between revisions.

Spellcheck view
After receiving many many requirements, XMind does have a spellcheck view now. This is a free feature. You can open it from menu, “View — Other — General — Spelling“.
It offers the option to scan current sheet or all opened workbooks, and lists the results with entire path in the map. Double-clicking one result will dirently bring you to that topic or note with error. Very simple.

New XMind packages, New business mode
This is a big and important change. Besides XMind Pro Subscription version, there are XMind Plus 2012 and XMind Pro 2012, two life-time versions. Yes, XMind offers the perpetual license now!

Below mind map shows more details of this update. Please review it online or download to read on your computer.


In the meantime, has a big change. The overall style is re-designed.

  • Clean home page with more useful information
  • Content-rich but easy-understand feature page
  • Download and pricing pages with better usability
  • Mind map page bringing the great new experience on map navigation
  • The New support center

Can’t wait? Download now!

A brand-new XMind video

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Here we introduce a short but great video. This video will help us to know XMind and Mind mapping better.

how to get attention to my mind map

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This is a mind map about “Why no one pay attention to my mind map”, written by Chuck Frey, a great expert in mind mapping software field.

Many of us are puzzled by why people do not like my maps. We have spent much time on learning the tool, collection information, and formatting the map. But when we distribute them to colleagues, co-workers or managers. No big response.

After reading this article, We could learn more. So I map the content, hope you can find some reasons out for yourself. Or you can leave your ideas as comment.

Happy new year!

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2012 is coming soon. Happy new year! Have you got the ship ticket? 🙂

In 2011, XMind does not make any big things on the software. But after one-year study and preparement,  XMind Ltd understands more on many things, such as product design, web app, iOS development, mobile market and etc.

These knowledge may not let XMind be best at once, but we believe it will be better and better from 2012.

Below are the new 2012 calendar templates we made. If you need or like, please download them. Or you can also translate it to other language and re-upload.

English Version

German Version

Chinese Version

The brief instruction
The template uses Fishbone as the main structure, and spreadsheet chart every month. Each day is in the separated cell as a sub-topic. There are two common usages.

1. Drilldown & Floating topics

  • Select the date
  • Drill down (F6)
  • Add daily things as the floating topics.

2. Multiple sheet

  • Select the month (main topic)
  • Choose “Insert — New Sheet from Topic” on the menu
  • In the new sheet, add the daily tasks as date’s subtopic

Thanksgiving day

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It’s Thanksgiving day again. Thank you very much for all your support to XMind and our company.
This year, there are many many emails, and phone messages from our users. Some submit the bug about software. Some share their suggestions to improve XMind. Some point out the mistake on the website. Some just say the Thank you to show their support to us. We say Thank You!

We also want to say thank you to some third organizations, which support xmind file format (for example The Biggerplate and Wikisummarizer), or offer local xmind-related service to users (Please see XMind partner list ). Thank you very much!

Below is a map about Thanksgiving. Hope you like it.


Usage of XMind Portable

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XMind Portable version is special designed for people who have limitation to install software on computers, or have to use XMind temporarily on other computers. The portable version is a zip file.  Below are the steps to use it.

  1. Download this zip file at, (You have done this. J)
  2. Unzip it to a clear folder, here named XMind Portable.
  3. In XMind Portable folder, there will be 5 folders, which are Commons, XMind_Linux, XMind_Linux_64bits, XMind_Mac_OS_X, XMind_Windows, and epl-v10.html, lgpl-3.0.html, readme.txt, xmindpro_licnese.txt and Usage of XMind Portable.pdf.
  4. Now according to your Operating System to choose right folder.
  5. Launch XMind and enjoy it.

So simple!  No more advanced technique required. Occasionally, some people may use it in a wrong way. Take XMind_Windows for example, people may paste XMind_Windows folder into the Program file folder, and try to launch XMind. Yes, failed every time. Please remember that, if you want to move XMind Portable to another place, please move the entire XMind Portable folder instead of part of it.

Use XMind with Dropbox

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Recently, Frank Wang, my friend, a designer in L.A., shared one usage with me. Because of work, he has to swift between a Mac Book and PC. So he installs Dropbox on Mac and PC, and saves all xmind files in the local dropbox folder. Then these xmind files can be synced between Mac and PC. He said although this was simple, but very useful and helpful, esp. for people who like him have subscribed xmind pro and work on multiple workstations.

Dropbox is a very great cloud service that lets us bring our photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. After signing up an account and install on computer, dropbox will create a special folder on computer. Later, it will upload and save files in this folder to your account. What we should do is to save our xmind files at this folder. So simple.

Some people may be strange, why Frank said “especially for people have subscribed xmind pro”. Because XMind promises, Subscribe one time, Enjoy XMind Pro anywhere*. Yes, Anywhere!

XMind Pro uses subscription model. Once you renew your account with subscription code, no matter where you are, Office, Home, or in a Subway, just launch XMind, sign in with renewed xmind account, then you can enjoy XMind Pro features. Even when on a colleague’s computer, you can also launch the installed xmind, sign in with your renewed account and uses XMind Pro features to show your work.

If having interest, begin to try now!

*Normally, you should need internet access to sign in and activate XMind Pro features.

Edit and share your xmind file on iPad

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Many people have already know iThoughts can open .xmind file and save the map as .xmind file. This blog wants to share another better news. From iThoughts HD v2.2, it can upload and download maps to and from the XMind Share service.

This is a tutorial video offered by iThoughts. It’s about download from

To upload map to,

  1. Open an map in iThoughts
  2. Click “transfer” button, and select “Export option”
  3. Enable “xmind” in the list
  4. Back to transfer, you can see “Send to” option