Back to School Limited Free

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Back to School 2014

Last year, we’ve ever launched an “XMind Plus Edu license free for limited time” activity. It was fairly successful that thousands of students, faculty and staff members benefited from this campaign and received their XMind Plus license finally.

But this year, we’ll offer more! So on the occasion of this back to school season, we’re launching our “Back To School 2014” event:

Before Sept.10
Free XMind Pro for teachers.
Free XMind Plus for students.

Go to activity page, upload your identification photo to apply for the free qualification. You will receive the license key in 20 minutes if pass review.

Apply XMind Plus/Pro For Free Now


The Best Brainstorming and Mind-mapping Tool

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XMind has just been rated as the best brainstorming and mind-mapping tech tool on Lifehack, one of the premier productivity and lifestyle blogs on the web.

And they says, “In order to be able to see a relationship between various ideas and information, we use mind mapping. This includes gathering thoughts, coming up with new ideas, project planning, and more to solve problems or have novel ideas.”

From the very beginning, we wish to design a product to clarify thinking, organize information and get works done. Just like what Lifehack says, “XMind is an open source tool that helps users to really understand their thinking and manage ideas.” That’s what we wish XMind to achieve.

Here, we would love to say a warm “Thank You” to all. We know XMind is not that perfect. Your support and trust is empowering us to go on. Now we still keep working hard to bring you a better XMind.

Everyday life and XMind

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Every day is a challenge in this modern society. We have to do many things to keep the life under control. There are some good to-do applications which are trying to help us out. But they are more like an excellent reminder. And we may still need a better assistant, who can help us planing work, analyzing complicated things, or even making decisions.  And it can push our productivity to the limits whatever on our life or working.
Now, look at the Mind map, as a great productivity tool, it should play the more important role in our life.And here, I just collect few things it can help to share with you.

note: click the images below to download the template, if you like that map. And the templates can be added to XMind for further usage.

Decision Making

Every day, we are making many decisions. The timely, well-considered decision makes our life better. For XMind, it supports us to identify the pros and cons, map out the likely consequences of every choice, and take actions.



Manage the main ideas in pyramid structure and stretch them one by one intuitively without any limitation. It eventually comes as no surprise that your article can be so logical.


To-do list

Converting daily task into topic, we can quickly manage them, catch our action blueprint, and make the implementation process without anxiety.


Notes Taking

Visualizing information, and organizing them in structure make it more efficiently to memorize the complex information.


Problem solving

Define the question as central topic, and break down it into little questions. Eventually, the solution just comes out automatically.


Life plan

Prior to design the path, we should firstly set our life goal. Finding the gap between the purpose and the reality, we can decomposing the goal and design the next actions.


Have you used XMind to manage your everyday life before? If not, you may download the templates above by clicking the images, and give it a try.

To use the template: please click the “Add Template” on the “templates and themes” dialog after launching XMind.

Add Template

How to save your time when using XMind

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Save time

More than 2,000,000 people are now using XMind for better productivity and creativity, like you and me. Let’s  imagine, what if every one of us can save even 5 second every day? As a result, we can totally save 2,777 hours, 115 days, 16 weeks. Here, we’ll talk about 3 ways to empower your XMind to make the imagination happen .

Customizable shortcuts

XMind 2013 has offered about 80 shortcuts for the frequent operations, like priority marker, boundary, drill down, zoom and etc. However, we know that everyone’s mileage may vary. And we have different preference for the combination of shortcut and command. So XMind makes it available for everyone to design their shortcuts to more commands.

Here, we will take the command of exporting to Excel as example

  1. Launch XMind, and click “Edit – Preference – Keys” to open the keys dialog.
  2. Filter the commands of “export” with the search box.
  3. Select the “Export (Microsoft Excel)” command.
  4. Click the Binding input box, and press the shortcut on the keyboard, such as “Ctrl + E”.
  5. Click the drop-down list under Binding input box, and select “Editing Mind Map” item.
  6. Click “OK”

Set shortcuts within preference dialog
Notes: you can view the current shortcuts by clicking “Help – Key Assist” from the menu.

Beautify the whole map with theme

An elegant appearance of our mind map can not only make the readers enjoy it, but also deliver more details of our mind. As you know, color and size of the words can be used to differentiate the different ideas. However, designing the style of the mind map is a time-consuming, and repeatable work. The theme functionality may be an excellent solution to this.

Apply the theme:

  1. Open the theme firstly by clicking “View – Theme”
  2. Double clicking on the existing theme to apply it

theme view

Notes: For XMind Pro users, you can design and extract your own theme for further usage. For more details, please click HERE.

Continue where you left off

What if the several mind map have not completed at the end of the day? Will we have to open them one by one at the next morning?  Actually, we just need to save the mind maps, keep them open and close XMind software directly. Then XMind will open these unclosed mind map automatically When it starts again. Of course, we need to make the settings below.

  1. Launch XMind, and click “Edit – preference – general” from the menu
  2. Select “Open maps unclosed last time” from the drop-down list after “When XMind starts”

Notes: We may use one mind map to manage our everyday working, some relevant files, or a large project. For these cases, we can set one local mind map as the home map, and set it “Open the home map” when XMind starts in the preference dialog.  No matter the home map was opened or not at last time, it will be opened automatically when XMind starts.

Heartbleed bug

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You may heart the Heartbleed bug, a major security flaw was discovered with OpenSSL, a cryptographic library that enables SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Security Layer) encryption for a majority of sites across the web, on Monday, April 7.

The good news is that, because of the OpenSSL version we’re using on the server, XMind Ltd has not been affected by this bug. So please enjoy your XMind and service.

New XMind is arrived

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Happy New Year! And thanks for your waiting. Right now, we gave away new XMind(3.4.1), more stable and better user experience.

Import Mindjet File

XMind now can succeed in importing Mindjet files again. If you were Mindjet user before, you can now use the light-weight and free mind mapping software to continue your working. If one of your colleagues is Mindjet user, you can also exchange your working for collaboration.

Mutil branch color

The “Multi Branch Colors” functionality is available again. We can simple beautify our mind map and improve the creativity by changing the branch color. After all, color can always make a difference to our creative work.

Change topic’s width

New XMind can resize the topic’s width automatically, and enable you to change the width freely. It’s you, deciding what it looks like.

And there are many other fixed-bugs, listed below.

  1. Dynamic menus don’t show correctly on Ubuntu 13.10.
  2. Fail to export to PDF/Word file successfully when two topics have the same content or there is one blank floating topic.
  3. Fail to keep topics notes’ background color when exporting to Word/PDF/RTF.
  4. “Invalid thread access” error when export to Word/PPT.
  5. Fail to enter full screen in brainstorming mode.
  6. Error occurred when creating hyperlink in brainstorming mode.
  7. Fail to clear the duration settings at task info view.
  8. Fail to display the numbering correctly on exported Word files.
  9. Fail to find and replace the last target words within one sheet.


Except for the bug fixed, we also bring something new to you. The new update notification dialog gives you three options to update now, remind me later, and skip this version. And we’ve redesigned the activation flow for XMind Pro/Plus user so that you can recognize lifetime license and subscription better. Also, we add a nice feature, Black Box. We can get back the backups easily if our mind maps meet any extreme accidents. And more improvements are waiting for you.

Last, we’d love to send a warm “thank you” to you. With your support, XMind will develop to be better.

Download New XMind

How to build a Concept Map using XMind

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Despite XMind is not a software exclusively dedicated to Concept Mapping like CmapTools, it can be very useful for building rapid Concept Maps. Here are the 5 steps in recommend to follow in order to create a Concept Map using XMind.

1. First Step

In my opinion, the first step should consist in sketching manually a map or a list of the key ideas and concepts. This gives you the opportunity to organize your thoughts and explore various possibilities.

2. Second step

Open a new blank map on XMind and write the main concept of your map into the central topic.

3. Third step

Insert quickly new concepts and ideas using the “CTRL + L” shortcut. Once you have selected a topic and pressed “CTRL + L”, just click in the white space and XMind will automatically create a new linked topic. You can also link two existing topics using the same shortcut: select a topic, press “CTRL+L” and click on the topic you want to link with it.

Tip: Ones you have created linked topics, it is important to maintain the “Alt” button pressed in order to move them freely.

4. Fourth step

It is important to add short phrases on the relationships arrows between the concepts and ideas. You just have to click on each arrow and write a short phrase. XMind will add it to the relationship.

5. Fifth step

Complete the Concept Map with all the concepts and their relationships.

Tip: In order to balance your map, select various topics and use the alignment tool
(Modify–>Tool–>Alignment) to align them.

You may also improve the visual aspect of your map adding color. You can see the final map below.

PS: the article is from the famous mind mapping blogger:  Philippe Boukobza 

$5,000 for searching XMind’s Bug

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Bug Bounty Program

Good news! XMind is launching a $ 5,000 (USD) Bug Bounty Program. It’s designed to make our product more stable and reliable than it already is and reward those who help us in this endeavor. And for our users, we will take this as a new starting point to make XMind better for your professional and intense works.

The program currently focuses on the File Storage Reward. Everyone is eligible, except the employees of XMind Ltd. You can submit the bug to with a clear description and win your bounty. The submitted bug should be original and previously unreported and not fixed yet. And the winners will be announced at the developer page of XMind website.

Here, we would love invite everyone to give it a try. And we appreciate any ideas from you. They are always valuable and treated with respect. For more details, please refer to this the “Bug Bounty Program” page.

Local Network Sharing

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LNS (local network sharing) is the huge new feature of XMind 2013. It is designed to share XMind files among people in the same local network, esp. one office. The simple and effective operation makes it so different. We can share the mind map to all colleagues with only one click and review the works of other by double-clicking in LNS View. And more, when sharing a map, we can send a message as instruction or inquiry to a specific person or all colleagues within XMind at the same time. Then they will understand ur map easier and faster.
PS: To use the local network sharing, we need to install Apple’s bonjour as plug-in.

Enable local network sharing

Within the installation process
When we launch XMind for the first time, XMind will remind us to install Apple’s bonjour package to enable the LNS automatically. Clicking “OK” can install bonjour and enable LNS.

Remind to install bonour

Within the preference view
If we haven’t installed bonjour and enabled LNS within the installation process, we can still make it within the preference view.

  1. Select “Edit-Preference-Local Network Sharing”
  2. In the dialog, click the “Install bonjour and enable”

Install Bonjour and Enable

Share an Map

To share an editing map

  1. Launch XMind and create a new mind map
  2. Then there are two way to share the map
    • Select “File-Share in Local Network” on the menu
    • Click “Share in Local Network” button on the bottom
  3. Select the target folder and click the “Save” button in the coming dialog
  4. Then the LNS view will be shown. And this map will be there with all other shared maps.

Share in local network button

To share an existing map

  1. Launch XMind
  2. Select “View — Local Network Sharing” from menu
  3. Click the plus button at the top right corner in the coming LNS View
  4. Select the existing file from the computer
  5. Click OK and share this map

Plus button

PS: After you share a map, all your modification on this map will be shared automatically. So your colleagues can review your latest map ASAP.

Send message

We can attach a message of map summary, instructions and questions with the shared map.

  1. Select “View — Local Network Sharing” from menu
  2. Right-click the map, shared by yourself, in the coming LNS View
  3. Select “Send Message For These Maps…”
  4. Choose the receiver and input the message in the coming message dialog
  5. Click “OK” to send the message

Message dialog


  • Currently, you can send the message only for the maps you shared.
  • Right-clicking the shared maps in LNS view, we stop sharing the mind maps by selecting “Stop Sharing…” option

Open the shared maps

All shared maps are listed at the LNS View. And there is 2 ways to open they.

  • Double-clicking on the target map
  • Right-click the target map and choose “Open” option

Online/Offline status

Normally, we can receive the messages and share our mind maps once we enable the local network sharing in the Preferences View. For sometimes, we may not want to be interrupted or not want to share the mind maps temporarily. For this case, we can set our status as “Offline”

  1. Click the status button on XMind bottom toolbar
  2. Choose “Offline” option

PS: we can back to “online” status by choosing the “Online” option
Online Status

Now we’ve prepared the collaboration tool. And it’s you turn to improve your team’s efficiency. Please leave your comments below to help us make it better.

Boundary & Clear activation information

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The brother topics may have similar information or concepts. For this situation, we wish to put them together and express the mutual meanings. Using the boundary functionality, we can make it in an elegant and flexible way.


Add Boundary

  1. Select the target topics
  2. Choose from the three methods below
    • Click the boundary icon on the toolbar
    • Right-click the mouse to open the context menu, choose “insert-boundary”
    • Use shortcut “Crtl+B” (Command + B for Mac User)

PS: Subtopics under different branched or different father-topics can not be in one boundary.

Add Boundary’s Description

  1. Select the boundary
  2. Input the description directly and click “Enter” to finish

Change Boundary’s properties

  1. Click “View-Property” to open the properties view
  2. Select the target boundary and change the properties of shape, color, line and font within the properties view

Contrasted with other mind mapping software, XMind supports us to change the boundary size without limitations. Drag and drop the side of the boundary to change the boundary area.

Clear the activation information

For the License Users
The license for XMind can be used on 2 PCs. For some situations, we can clear the activation information to release the license. For this time, please refer the steps below.

  1. Launch your XMind
  2. Select “Help-License”
  3. Within the pop up box, click the “View/Change” button below XMind Pro/XMind Plus
  4. Click the “clear” button at the pop up box

Clear Activation Information

For the Subscriber Users
As the Subscriber users, we can access XMind Pro/Plus anywhere by signing our XMind ID within the software. To clear the activation information, we need just to sign out our XMind ID.

  1. Launch XMind
  2. Select “Help-Sign out from” form the menu.

Sign out from

Try what you’v learned, and feel free to public your questions below.