How to share your mind maps?

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We believe nothing is better than sharing your best mind maps with others. Now, you can simply use the “Share” feature to upload your maps into the, local network or Further, after uploading to, one URL for your map will be generated and you can share the link to friends on social network.

Our users have shared more than 110,000 creative mind maps in XMind Library. Join in the community by uploading your maps to “”. Firstly, you have to launch XMind and open your maps. Secondly, on the toolbar, click “File”, select “Share”, “”. Next, you can design a proper title and description for your maps and select from “Privacy” to public or not. Finally, adjust maps in Thumbnail and click “Upload” then done!

If you want to share maps with other XMind users in the same local network, again, launch XMind and open your maps. Select “Local Network”from “Share” option, you can either choose to share with select user or share with everyone in the local network, just click “Upload” after you finish.

However, if you want to share maps to, the steps are easy too. Launch XMind, open your maps, select share to “Biggerplate”. Sign in your Biggerplate account and authorize XMind to access your account. Enter your title and description for your maps then upload. Is it simple and easy to do?

Now, it’s your turn to make a try! Please do contact XMind support if you need any assistance.



Get XMind TeamPackage For Your Team Productivity

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In January, we lanuched an XMind Pro TeamPackage Special Offer. With up to 30% discount off, tens of teams have got the full version XMind Pro to take control of their business productivity. It’s a good performance in a month’s time.

So we decided to keep on this teampackge promotion with a lower discount than January’s. And we bring more teampackge options for you.

Go to the introduction page, to see what kind of offer is suitable for you.

How does XMind help you? Tell us in the Annual Mind Map Survey!

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There are just 7 days left to take part in the Biggerplate Mind Map Survey 2016, where you can share your experience of using mind maps, and vote for XMind as your favourite mind mapping software tool!

Every year hosts the largest survey in the world for mind mapping, and last year over 1,000 people from around the world took part, to share their ideas about mind mapping, and help shape the future of the mind mapping community!

How does mind mapping with XMind help you in work, education, or at home? What do you think the key benefits of mind mapping are? What innovation would you love to see in mind mapping software? Share your ideas and opinions on the only global survey for mind mappers! Take the survey

The results of the survey will be collected, and shared in the Biggerplate Annual Mind Map Report 2016, which will show how people around the world are using mind mapping, and which tools are most popular this year. You can vote for XMind as your favourite mind mapping tool by taking part in the survey, and also give us your ideas for improvements and new features!

We hope you will take part in the survey today, and help us all to learn about the great ways that you are using XMind in your life!

> View the Biggerplate Mind Map Survey

XMind Cloud, Coming Soon!

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Since XMind 7’s release, we’ve received so many feedbacks from our passionate users from around the world. We want to sincerely acknowledge all compliments and constructive criticisms. It’s your support that drives us to progress and growth.

Today, we’ll annouce another good news of XMind:

We’ll introduce a new cloud storage service called XMind Cloud, which is coming with XMind update early 2016. This service will automatically synchronize your XMind files across multiple Mac/PCs.

Now, we’d like to invite you to be our early tester. If you’re willing to help, please leave your email. We’ll inform you when our beta program is ready. Thanks in advance!


XMind 7 is Here

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Today, XMind 7 is totally available. Dozens of exciting new features and significant improvements come along with a brand new UI, which makes XMind 7 a revolutionary upgrade from our first release! The astonishing look-and-feel of XMind 7, which we have worked our very best at, will certainly inspire and lead you through a creative journey! Now, it’s ready for you to explore.

Try it for free now !

Top 10 New Features

See All Changes in XMind 7


XMind 7 comes with 3 different editions: XMind 7 (free and open source), XMind 7 Plus, and XMind 7 Pro.

XMind 7 Plus is USD79/EUR69/GBP54. XMind 7 Pro is USD99/EUR89/GBP69. The feature comparison table about the editions is here:

Upgrade Now

If you’ve purchased XMind 6 Plus/Pro, you can upgrade your license from USD29. Learn more at

If you’ve purchased XMind 2013 or XMind 6 Plus/Pro with 2-year upgrade service, you will be freely upgraded to XMind 7 Plus/Pro correspondingly. We will send you the new license key to your mail box, please note to check.




XMind 7 Public Beta Has Arrived

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After a year’s efforts, the new XMind 7 comes public beta today. The last whole year, we’ve been focusing on making XMind more beautiful, modern and professional. To achieve this goal, we’ve spent a lot of thought on optimizing the user interface. The new XMind 7 will come with a brand new UI, which is so stunning and won’t let you down. To do project management more professionally in XMind, we’ve greatly improved the built-in Gantt chart. Besides these, the new version has also brought so many other exciting new features and improvements.

Now, we’re so glad to introduce you the new XMind 7 and invite you to have a trial of this Beta version.

Try XMind 7 Beta Now


What’s New in XMind 7 ?

1. A Brand New UI

A new toolbar with new large icons. A more clear style of the window.Re-designed tab bars. A more clear style of the Properties View.Improved markers and clip art library. It’s the biggest upgrade from our first release! We try our best at look-and-feel on XMind 7 and believe it will inspire you!

2. A New Home Panel

Start your new mind map journey from the brand new home panel. Now in the panel you can create mind map from structures, choose an elegant theme, open recent used files. You can also pin a file, in order to see it every time before you work.



3. Huge Improvements on Gantt chart

Gantt chart was not that satisfactory in the previous XMind versions. So we’ve determined to make it more professional in the new version. In XMind 7, we integrate Task information into Gantt chart. Now, you can show and edit task info, including start/end date, assignee, priority and progress directly in Gantt chart view. XMind 7 also allows exporting Gantt to images/PDF, or printing it.

4. Information Card

XMind 7 provides a better way to show detail information. We call it an Information Card. In Information Cards, you can choose to show or hide labels, notes, hyperlinks and tasks. It will be found right under the topic.





You may send your inspirations within an XMind file to your colleague or a friend. Ask for their comments. And in XMind 7, they can actually do Comment on your mind map, instead of modifying the map directly. Sometimes, no comment is a comment.



6. Callout

Important information deserves more attention. Callout was born to make it smooth and simple. It’s a funny way for additional text. In XMind 7, Callout is not only a shape, but also a real attachment to a topic. It also has sub-topics.




7. Export/Print Outline

To get a broad overview your mind map. You can export the outline of the mind map in Text, PDF and MS Word file format for future use. This allows you to save time and gain productivity. By printing the outline, your mind map becomes a list of ideas and sub-ideas in tree form.



8. Multi-page Print

Easily print a large mind map to multiple pages. By printing a large map onto multiple pieces of paper and then tape the pieces together, you won’t lose any details of your mind maps. You can also spread them horizontally or vertically over multiple pages for a better overview or to display as a poster.



9. Timeline

We introduce a new structure named Timeline. It can be used to display a list of the events in chronological order and the trends for a subject. You can also use it to help team members track milestones and time schedule of the project. We’ve also added another Matrix (column) structure.


10. New Themes with 10 New Fonts

XMind 7 packs 10 new amazing fonts! Fonts make mind maps more pretty, and prevent disappointment when opening your work on another computer without fonts you used. All our fonts are open source and cross-platform, which ensure your mind map looks good on both Mac/Windows. XMind 7 still add tens of new themes, with the new fonts.


Other Improvements in XMind 7

Major Improvements

1. Share to
2. Inspector View
3. Add another Matrix (structure) which uses topics as columns.
4. Show/Edit task info (Start/End Date, Assignee, Priority and Progress) directly in Gantt Chart.
5. Export Gantt Chart to Image/PDF.
6. Print Gantt Chart.
7. Add “hide collapse/expand icon” option while printing/exporting to image/PDF/SVG.
8. Export the entire workbook to Excel.
9. Show all notes in Notes View.
10. Copy/Paste style.
11. New Window Menu.
12. Only calculate work days for tasks.
13. Add a size hint while making a map shot.
14. New topic shapes: Circle, Parallelogram, Cloud.
15. New boundary shapes: Polygon and Rounded Polygon.
16. Wallpaper Patterns.
17. New designed color palette.
18. New color set for Multi Branch Colors.
19. Add Task Assignee option in Advanced Filter View.
20. Delete the same markers of the map.
21. Clear all the markers of a topic.
22. Add “Save As” option to Image/Attachment/Audio Notes.
23. URL/Email auto detection.
24. Support Microsoft Project 2010 file format for exporting.
25. Real previews in Theme View.
26. Many other minor improvements.

Bug Fixes

1. Fix a bug that causes task info to export unsuccessfully while exporting to Excel.
2. Fix an issue that causes XMind to crash on Ubuntu while choosing Web Browser under Preferences.
3. Fix an issue that causes the exported SVG file to display abnormally.
4. Fix an issue that causes characters missing while printing map.
5. Fix an issue that causes boundary not to show normally while the boundary title text is too long.
6. Fix an issue that subtopics of floating topic can not be exported while exporting to Excel.
7. Fix a bug that after downloading a public map from, the task dependencies of the map disappear.
8. Fix a bug that causes text to disappear while press “CTRL+I” in Note view.
9. Fix an issue that causes exporting to Word not successfully.
10. Fix an issue that causes encryption not to work after force quiting XMind procedure.
11. Fix a bug that topic structure changes in drill down mode.
12. Fix an issue that image in notes disappears while importing a Mindmanager file.


Give Us Your Feedback

XMind 7 now is in public beta. The Beta version offers evaluators all Pro/Plus features without registration/activation until November 30, 2015. The final release will be officially announced in coming few weeks. If you have any suggestions or questions during the beta trial, please send emails to Thank you in advance.






Useful Tips for XMind – “Accessories” of the Mind Map

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In addition to topics and lines, there are many other small “accessories” we can use in our mind maps. Proper use of these accessories could be a melioration for the map. Today we’ll talk some of them in this blog.


When facing with a mind map with multiple topics, it’s easy to lose focus. So it  will be difficult for the readers to distinguish between the important and the unimportant. At this time, a beautiful shape with background color will be a good choice. We also offer many styles for the boundary.

The operation is always simple: By selecting one or more topics (of the same branch, in the same level) and pressing Ctrl + B, you can add a boundary to the selected topic(s). And next, we can make some modifications for the boundary, such as choosing another shape, changing a different fill color and so on, to make it more beautiful.

If necessary, you can also add a text description to the boundary (Press F2). Then the reader will understand the meanings of it.  And, when you come back to this map after a long time, you’ll still remember why you ever added that boundary.


The summary feature is also very useful. People often use it to make a summary for some key points in the mind map.

With the shortcut Ctrl+J, you can add a summary to selected topics at the necessary time in your divergent mind map. Just like other types of topics, you can aslo change its styles, including the shape, color, fonts and so on. Even, summary can have its own subtopics.

Background color & Wallpaper

These two accessories can play a very good role in the decoration of our mind maps. To change a background color or add a wallpaper, you need to click on the blank area of the mind map first, and then set in the Properties view.

As for the background color, we can not only select the basic color provided,

but also use the color palette for custom design.

Sometimes, people would prefer wallpaper. In XMind, we’ve prepared many beautiful wallpapers for choosing. If they’re still not enough, we can also add our own picture in local as wallpaper to the map.

However, currently XMind only supports tiling the wallpaper.

Three minutes to make your brainstorming better

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Better ideas always bring us a better result. When we’re asked to be more innovative and effective, we got the real question is how-to? We can broaden our horizons, and increase our knowledge for long term. But, for short term, one better innovation tool should be a better choice. And that’s why we focused on the brainstorming functionality, and redesigned it within the whole 2014.

Make your ideas come spontaneously

As we know, there are 4 general principles for brainstorming, focus on quantity, withhold criticism, welcome unusual ideas, and combine and improve ideas. What the real purpose of them is to make the idea quantity as many as possible. So how to let the ideas come spontaneously?
Firstly, a stress-free scene is essential as it’s important to stimulate our creativity. So the brainstorming is a full-screen mode to guarantee all attention is on the map.

Idea factory

New insight inspires new ideas

Secondly, the thinking process is successive and inspirations disappears in seconds. To record and collect the inspirations smoothly, we bring the “Idea Factory”. It’s like a temporary storage area of the ideas. Look at the map, and just write down the ideas without any breaks. After that, we can finally evaluate the inspirations, and organize them on the map.

When stuck on some questions, we’re always told to change our thinking model. But thinking model is difficult to change as developed over time. If we can’t change how people think about it, why not change what it looks like. So we developed the “Night Mode”.
Under the night mode, all contents and relationships are highlighted. And the distraction of color are token away. Suddenly, we switch to a new insight of the whole mind map after clicking the night mode button.

Night Mode

Considering the rapid growth of idea quantity, we also found it becomes more and more difficult to expand one branch as the other ideas’ interference. We need to focus on the target branch in a clearer context. So we save the “Drill Down” functionality under brainstorming mode. Selecting any topic, and pressing “F6”, we can get new insight of the topic. More important, drill down functionality is the exclusive design of XMind.

Drill Down

One more thing

To make your control the whole brainstorming session, we also bring you the timer widget. It’s an simple and easy-to-use design. Just click the clock icon, and set the time. Also, you can play the “Tik Tok” audio to make you think better.


PS: Brainstorming is the professional feature of XMind Pro. To view more details, please refer t the pricing page or feature page.

The Mind Map Structures in XMind

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Today, let’s talk about the mind map structure of XMind. Actually, this subject won’t exist if we’re in strict accordance with Tony Buzan’s theory. Because in traditional concepts, mind map should spread out from a central topic, along with curves, colors, keywords and images. But in practical applications, this default structure is not enough and powerful to use. After reviewing all the mind maps we’ve ever created, we must found that, many of the them were not in the pure mind map sturcture, but in org chart, logic chart, matrix or other structure.

Now, we begin to explore the mind map structures in XMind. First, we should introduce you a new mind map structure supported in the new XMind 6, as shown below.

From this map, we can see only 3 branches stand on the right of the central topic, the others, no matter how many they are, will be put on the left. As well, if we add topics on the right, they will be always on the right unless we move them manually. In practice, this structure won’t automatically re-layout the map in order to be balanced. So it will avoid losing focus while we’re in a high speed input.

In former mind map structures (Balanced Map), no matter Up to down, Clockwise or Anticlockwise, it always autoarranges the branch position based on the topic quantity to make the map with an overall visual balance.

In addition to above mind map structures, the distinctive Matrix structure is also frequently used.

In above map, “All Projects” is the centric topic. The left of each is main topic (Project A/B/C). The top of each column is label. We can add subtopics into every grid and each subtopic can have their own subtopics, even we can use different structures to fully show map information. Matrix can be used in some particular scenarios, such as SWOT Analysis

Eisenhower Rule

These two graphical methods work quite effectively on analyzing and solving problems.

And, the Fishbone structure is often used for cause and effect analyzing in project management.

As well as the Logic Chart (Left/Right), which is really helped in making preparations and summarizing.

In addition, XMind also provides Org Chart (Up/Down)

Tree Chart (Left/Right)

Now almost all structures in XMind have been introduced. In fact, different structures will bring significant differences in terms of effectiveness. So rich structure support is necessary for users. Benefiting from a superior design, in XMind, we can apply different structures on different topics in the same mind map. Of course the premise is that it should be conducive to the overall information delivery of the map. Therefore, it’s necessary for XMind users to grasp all the different structures. Maybe a good use of structure will bring you a different future.

XMind 6 Now Available!

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See this post for more information about new features of XMind 6.

On this beautiful and crisp autumn day, we’re so excited to announce that the brand new XMind 6 is completely available for you now. The past 7 years, we’ve been dedicated to developing the most efficient and powerful product to make people more productive and creative and work smarter. For this purpose, we rack our brains all day to devise new useful functions. More importantly, we listen to our customers and let their feedback shape our product. After a year’s effort and sweat, today, XMind comes with so many cool new features and important improvements here to users.

Download XMind 6

Now, you can download the new XMind 6 from our website


XMind 6 comes with 3 different editions: XMind (free and open), XMind 6 Plus, and XMind 6 Pro.

XMind 6 Plus is USD79/EUR62/GBP54. XMind 6 Pro is USD99/EUR79/GBP69. The feature comparison table about the editions is here: .

Upgrade Now!

If you’ve purchased XMind Plus/Pro 2013, you can upgrade your license from USD29. Learn more at

If you’ve purchased XMind Plus/Pro 2012/2013 with 2-year upgrade service, you will be freely upgraded to XMind 6 Plus/Pro correspondingly. We will send you the new license key to your mail box, please note to check.