UI Does Not Work Properly in Ubuntu 16.04

Posted on November 11th, 2016 in FAQ | 58 Comments »

Currently, we encounter UI issues under the latest Ubuntu. Some reports include but not limit to

  • Opens a file –> editor is blank
  • Make modifications to the map –> no notification to save on closing editor

XMind: v3.7.0.201611010032
OS: Ubuntu 16.04

This issue seems to be related with Eclipse SWT’s GTK3 support. Discussions on this kind of issues have been made at Eclipse’s bug tracking site since early 2016. We will track on this and see what we could do.

There is currently a workaround for this by setting an environment variable SWT_GTK3=0 before launching XMind. For Ubuntu users, please refer to this community help for how to set environment variables.

The simplest solution would be to append a line export SWT_GTK3=0 to the end of the ~/.profile file.

Or, if you start XMind from command line, please use

$ export SWT_GTK3=0
$ ./XMind


$ SWT_GTK3=0 ./XMind

Something people care about most in April

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This month, we receive many emails focusing on some same questions. I believe many other users have these questions too. So it’s necessary to write a post to share them publicly.

Q. I work in a business organization. Can I use XMind free version in the office?
A. No problem. There are no any limitations on where to use XMind free version. BTW, it is an open source software dual licensed under two licenses, LGPL and EPL. If you’re a developer, and want to do something, please bear the licenses.

Q. I have bought XMind Pro subscription code via paypal, where is my code?
A. XMind Pro Subscription code has 25 letters and numbers. If you buy with paypal, because of paypal’s rule, XMind system will send the subscription code to the primary email of your paypal account soon after your payment. If you can not find this email at inbox, please also check about the spam folder.

Q. I’m a XMind Pro user, and have a PC and Mac. Should I ordered two subscription codes if using XMind Pro on both of them?
A. No need. Current XMind Pro uses Subscription mode. So once your XMind account has been renewed by subscription code, you can launch XMind, sign in with this renewed XMind Account and enjoy XMind Pro anywhere.

Q. I have not seen any update of XMind for a few months. Are you still working on it?
A. Yes, and we’re working on XMind new version. It should not take long time to wait.

Frequently Asked Questions in November

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Now, we want to share some frequently asked questions after releasing XMind v3.2 and v3.2.1.

Q: How to benefit from XMind Share?

A: XMind Share is the service to store and share the mind maps online. Public Sharing will let the whole world know your works. Unlisted Sharing can store your maps and share with a group of people easily by distributing that map’s URL. Private Sharing will protect your works. Without your invitation, no people can see that them, even they have the URL.
At present, XMind Share is just a Sharing service. It does not have the features like online-edit or version-control.

Q: I have paid the money, where is my Subscription Codes?

A: Now, XMind Ltd is using Paypal and SWReg as the payment gateway to collect money.  And once your payment is finished, XMind server will send out the purchased Subscription Codes with the instruction immediately.

  • For using Paypal, the code(s) will be sent to the Primary email in your Paypal Account.
  • For using SWReg, the code(s) will be sent to the email you filled during the payment process.

If you do not see this email, please also have a check about the spam folder. 🙂

Q: I want to submit the bug, or suggestions, what should I do?

A: Thank you very much. You’re welcomed to do this kind things. From these reports, XMind knows how to improve itself, and why to do (to repay your support!).

You can directly send emails to support@xmind.net.

  • For submitting bugs, please use “submit XMind bugs” as the email Subject
  • For sharing your amazing ideas, please use “XMind Suggestions” as the Subject