How does XMind help you? Tell us in the Annual Mind Map Survey!

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There are just 7 days left to take part in the Biggerplate Mind Map Survey 2016, where you can share your experience of using mind maps, and vote for XMind as your favourite mind mapping software tool!

Every year hosts the largest survey in the world for mind mapping, and last year over 1,000 people from around the world took part, to share their ideas about mind mapping, and help shape the future of the mind mapping community!

How does mind mapping with XMind help you in work, education, or at home? What do you think the key benefits of mind mapping are? What innovation would you love to see in mind mapping software? Share your ideas and opinions on the only global survey for mind mappers! Take the survey

The results of the survey will be collected, and shared in the Biggerplate Annual Mind Map Report 2016, which will show how people around the world are using mind mapping, and which tools are most popular this year. You can vote for XMind as your favourite mind mapping tool by taking part in the survey, and also give us your ideas for improvements and new features!

We hope you will take part in the survey today, and help us all to learn about the great ways that you are using XMind in your life!

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Highlighted by AppStorm

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AppStorm  is a very popular blog all about Mac and OS X software. It focuses on bringing reviews of great Mac apps and rounding them up into categorized lists. And we just found it is very concerned about XMind so that it has recommended XMind at different places.

Within the article “The Apps We Use” , written by Bill Morefield, XMind has been listed with some other excellent productivity tools, like Evernote and Dropbox. “When I start a new project or presentation I prefer to begin by creating a mind map. This lets me visually organize my thoughts and then refine them into a written work. I’ve used a number of tools, but right now XMind is my favorite. It’s flexible and allows creation of some less common formats of diagrams. “, the author has said.

Within another article, the editor of AppStorm has described XMind as “very powerful, but still easy to use”. That’s the point. On one hand, XMind is so powerful to clarify thinking, manage complex information and organize everyday life or business. On the other hand, we can create a mind map only with “Enter” and “Tab” keys. Also,we can set up a mind map to look just how I want it with “Theme” feature and drill down a part of the whole mind map with one clicking.


XMind is special and we’re working hard to make it better. In my humble opinion, XMind 2013 can be the best evidence for what I say. It will be proven to be more powerful and easy-to-use than the current one. Meanwhile, please leave your suggestions and comments below so that we could accomplish this meaningful trip together with you.

XMind Questionnaire

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Survey In order to collect all your requirements, to know your satisfaction of XMind very well, we have run an XMind Questionnaire.

From this Questionnaire, hope we can know ourselves much better, know the advantages and disadvantages, so that we can keep the good points and also suit the remedy to the case.

Please Fill in the Questionnaire, and Tell XMind team your feeling and requirements.

This survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes. Your responses will be kept confidential and the information from this survey will be used for market research purposes only. Thank you very much for your time.

How to make money with your mind mapping software

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By Chuck Frey

Most people don’t normally associate mind mapping software with making money. But the fact is, it can have a real impact on your bottom line – because it enables you to think more clearly and completely, make better decisions, envision the future of your company, and more. Here’s a partial list of ways that mind mapping software can (indirectly) help you to make more money:

  • Map your customers and identify the most promising ones for targeted sales campaigns
  • Develop new products to sell
  • Create a map to clearly and more completely understand the evolving or unmet needs of your customers.
  • Analyze and improve your company’s business model
  • Identify opportunities to reduce waste in your business – the savings go straight to the bottom line.
  • Map your current market segments, and identify adjacent ones with similar needs into which you can expand your marketing and sales.
  • Brainstorm the content of a white paper or information product (e-book) that will help you to dramatize your product’s or service’s unique selling proposition to potential customers.

In what other ways are you using mind mapping software to grow your business?

This article originally appeared in Chuck Frey’s Blog
Chuck Frey is the author of The Mind Mapping Software Blog. He has written numerous articles and reviews about mind mapping software, and is widely regarded as one of the leading “gurus” of this technology.

XMind, a powerful mind mapping software, is ready to make contributions to your business.

A nice conversation with Wallace Tait

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This week, I had the opportunity to have a very nice conversation with Wallace Tait, a great Management Consultant, an expert in Visual thinking, mind mapping area. We talked about using visual thinking, mind mapping, XMind, and more. Below are part of what Wallace Tait’s say:

If your thoughts, feeling and actions are all firing together like three engine cylinders, then you get combustion, and this combustion produces results
Results are what people want, and the results are what gives people motivational movement to achieve more and more
Using a Mind map app such as XMind is an ideal tool to visualize your hopes, aspirations, wants and needs.
Have you ever seen someone using a Mind map for the first time? What they often produce, is a outward expression of their inward (subconscious) self.
Mind maps are very powerful motivational graphics, when used in the right manner, they give very tangible results
Data is made up of words and numbers, and when we humans aggregate (group) them, Data then becomes Information, and when Information is contextualized, it then becomes Knowledge, and if you use knowledge appropriately, it produces results that change everyone’s outlook on life
XMind can and does do this by the graphical nature of the mapping formats.