Unlock the doors of imagination with XMind

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All the time, the XMind that we know is an excellent mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It helps us clarify thinking, capture new thoughts and organize information. With XMind, we can easily manage projects, organize todos, make plans, prepare for classes, conduct a SWOT analysis, take notes, write annual reports, etc. XMind helps us get organized and make the most out of every day. Read the rest of this entry »

Schedule your World Cup with XMind

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After 4 years’ waiting, the World Cup has come back finally. Suddenly, at every corner of the world, we feel the passion and happiness from this biggest sport event through out the history of mankind.
I believe you don’t want to miss any wonderful matches like me, especially the match of your favorite team. So we’ve used XMind to draw the schedule of the rest matches. We can just quickly select the matches that we will watch, and use the marker to mark it.

Other than the professional mind mapping tool for our daily works, XMind can also make our daily life better.

If you can’t download the mind map directly, please click HERE.

Good maps recent 2 months

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Below are four maps which are special and viewed/downloaded many times online. We believe it’s possible to learn something from them.

How 2 take effective note

In this map, Ms eili, a dental student shared us how to improve the note taking skills step by step.

Mind Mapping for Musicians

Mr Marko Zirkovich shares some ideas where mind mapping can be useful for musicians visualized.

Fiche Projet

Mr LOCHET Pierre-Yves who is from France, shows us a film project in XMind. He uses more elements than many other maps, such as multiple structures, boundary, relationship, summary, and markers.


This is a really amazing map! It shocks me every time I read it. In fact, I have downloaded and saved it as one favorite map. A solar system map.

In fact, I am usually surprised by the creativity when I read shared maps online. We are here, around the World, waiting yours!

Maps in this Week, 1/31/2010

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Xmindの価値と機能, 1/26/2010, by Turbo

Economy System, 1/27/2010, by liang3404814

Tech 5, 1/28/2010, by Mike Johnston

Mind Map Shopping, 1/29/2010, by Mark Sullivan

Calentamiento Global, 1/30/2010, by alexxasick

Maps in this week, 1/23/10

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This is part of a regular series of maps in this week.

600 Toeic Words, 1/23/10, by Hoang Long

Agenda 2010, 1/22/10, by ROGERELIZAR

How to say NO, 1/21/10, by Philippe Boukobza

Project Template, 1/20/10, by Felix

P-20 Campus Beliefs, 1/19/10, by MFENRIQUEZ

Social Media Project, 1/18/10, by Claudio Ancillotti

Thanks for reading, and as always, we’ll see you back here next week.