Summer fades, and autumn approaches while school bells ring.

It’s time for a new semester again. You might miss the joyful time of summer days, but it’s time to gear up for the new semester and make a change. We cherish students and teachers because productivity tool can not only benefit them in learning and teaching, but also exploring more possibilities, waking inspirations, and build up their productivity palace. We’ve prepared Special Offer for Academia for students and teachers, for making your rigid campus schedule efficient and a little more easier. If you’ve left the campus, we’ve also prepared a special treat for you at this Fall Semester to light up the efficiency.

Before you get started, scroll down to see how we cooperate to make a difference.

Set a Goal & Make a Plan

Have a quick look at your goals of 2019, how many goals you have completed? Pick those goals that are related or can be combined to your semester, and add them into your goal list of this semester.

Categorize your goals, use markers to mark those with high priority, or requires special attention or effort.

Make a plan is easy, but the execution is the key.

Wake up in the morning, you might still feel dizzy and have no idea what you’re up to today. Don’t rush into the day, instead, take a deep breathe, and write down your plan of today. Go through the priority, and make sure there’s nothing neglected.

You can list them following the time sequence, by dividing your day into morning, afternoon and evening. Select a template and your favorite theme to light up the day. Pick a quote of the day, combining with the target of the day for encouragement.

Use number makers to mark up the priority as a reminder, so that they can imply and remind you to place your focus.

You can also create the category, such as lecture, extra-curriculum, and homework while listing them following the priority sequence. Use Relationship to unveil the causation connection or similarity between two topics.

Execute following the plan, and make instant modification if anything changes. After finishing them, add instant notes, review or feedback into it for better reading again.

Analyze the Problem

Analysis matters for problem-solving. We can find out the solutions by listing related elements and going further behind them to hunt the reason down. 

Procrastination might be a common problem in our life, and we always seek excuses to cover the failure or avoid overcoming it.

Fishbone is a better choice for you to analyze and track the reason of the issue. Place the issue as the main topic, jot down the affecting factors, and drill them down. Before completing the next project, make changes or improvement on those main affecting factors gradually. Voila, you are closer to defeat them.

Work with Classmates

Group assignment is also part of the semester too. Discussion, brainstorming and project distribution requires everybody’s involvement. It’s important to record what you’ve discussed, assigned, and deadline of the project.

Before the discussion, put down the content, theme, and criteria of this group assignment, since we might drift away sometimes in the discussion, especially in brainstorming.

There’s no need to stick to one structure in your mind mapping. Feel free to apply different structures in free-positioning in one sheet, for different information combo display.

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