The selecting tool matters for your productivity. XMind has been dedicating on mind mapping just right for different scenarios.

XMind 8, a classical mind mapping tool for over a decade.

XMind: ZEN, an amazing brainstorming, and mind mapping tool.

Which tool helps make the best out of you? Which features do you care most? Whose design is the one you wanted most?

We’ve listed a simple graphics for comparison on our website, you can read it for a general view.

If you made up your mind here, simply skip the rest part of this article and download here. But if you want to go further, simply scroll down to have a bite on these 2 products.

Supported System

XMind: ZEN and XMind 8 can be run on Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can edit .xmind files freely on different platforms.


Both XMind: ZEN and XMind 8 employs various diagrams and structures. From classic Balanced Map, Logic Chart, Tree Chart to Timeline, Fishbone, and Matrix.

XMind: ZEN allows you to switch your diagram to any diagram at any time with a simple click, helping you to explore mind mapping landslide for all your fresh and popping ideas.


XMind 8 divides different templates with styles into different scenarios. You can pick the template according to your use.

XMind: ZEN offers various Styles and Themes for your mind maps. You can change it easily at a click at any time.

Besides built-in templates, we’ve also displayed amazing works from XMind Share, an online library where users uploaded their mind mapping pieces.


XMind: ZEN employs a whole new Snowbrush Engine, offering stable performance yet with aesthetics. Since it applies SVG rendering technology, each line and branch are crystal clear inside the software, even exported to a different format. With the Marker and Sticker’s accompany, your map can be visually revived.

XMind 8 is based on Electron, offering a classical and grounded feeling.


XMind: ZEN is new-comer friendly and anyone can create mind maps easily without further guidance. It offers practical features for both your personal use and most scenarios.

Following the built-in guide, you can easily create your very first mind map quickly.

You can enjoy creating mind maps with the features built just right at your hand. While we also hope to enhance productivity further. We release Dark UI for night owls who work hard at night. Outliner for topic free positioning and grab linear structure flow. ZEN Mode for a distraction-free and immersive editing experience. Topic Link for a smooth topic connection and complete mind mapping presentation.

XMind 8 offers professional features such as Gantt View, Brainstorming Mode, and Slide-base Presentation. You can easily nail every professional occasion easily. 


XMind 8 can be purchased on and Apple Mac App Store, you can enjoy Lifetime use with Pay Once.

XMind: ZEN can be subscribed on and Apple Mac App Store. You can manage your subscription anytime in Setting after the XMind account long-in.

Both XMind 8 and XMind: ZEN provides Special Offer for Academia.