Colors are important.

Forests and beaches are calming and relaxing, restaurant logos like McDonald and IN-N-OUT naturally make your stomach growl. Colors can be very effective in learning, marketing, communication etc. There is even research with Alzheimer’s patients showing that color cues improve memory.

In XMind: ZEN with just a few clicks, you can enable multi-branch color, making your mind map creative, informative and more Colorful!

  1.  Select Central Topic (where the blue arrow points at)
  2. Click Format at the top right corner
  3. Click the Choose Color box
  4. Tick the box of Multi Branch Color

Wanna try the road not taken? Alright, there’s another way leading to Rome.

  1. Click the blank space in canvas and then click Format
  2. Tick the box of Multi Branch Color
  3. More more more color to go from Dropdown Menu

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