Since the release of XMind: ZEN, we’ve received lots of fantastic feedback from XMind users. Thank you so much! We took a close look at every suggestion you brought up and worked hard on it for improvements. Now, XMind: ZEN 2.0 finally arrives with powerful new features, enhancements, and more!

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More import/export options

Since many people take XMind: ZEN as a productivity tool in daily work, we enhance the import and export function for better collaboration among different devices. To optimize your workflow and for further editing, enhancing, and sharing, we add these new features:

Export to Word

XMind: ZEN is a beautiful tool for capturing ideas and sorting out thoughts, but it needs more paperwork when you are turning ideas into a formal document. Exporting mind maps to Word allows for further editing.

Export to Excel

Many people use XMind: ZEN to manage their tasks and arrange their budgets. Support for exporting to Excel means you can do more in-depth data analysis and visual reporting after exporting.

Export selective branches

If you are drawing a giant map, you can selectively choose branches you need to export.

Import from Markdown

People love Markdown. It’s a simple and efficient way to format text. Now you can write in Markdown and turn it into a mind map to have a better visualization of your thoughts.

Import from MindNode files

For your convenience, we offer you more choices to import your mind maps.

Customizable shortcuts

Shortcuts is a highly efficient way for commands. To significantly improve your mind mapping efficiency, we carefully revised shortcuts-related function.

Now you can custom your keyboard shortcuts as you like. And you don’t have to use a mouse to change the order of the topic; you can change it just by shortcuts.

More topic controls

We received many fantastic interaction suggestions from users, and we revised them for improvements.

New Sheet From Topic

New ideas might come out when you are mind mapping. Now you don’t have to start all over again; you can start a new map from a topic directly.

Adjust the length of the topic

Now you can adjust the length of a topic by simply dragging the mouse.

Fold/Unfold subtopics

We revise the way of folding and unfolding the subtopic; now you can hover the mouse over a topic and a “-” icon will appear.

Support macOS Touch Bar

macOS Touch bar allows for fantastic app controls; now you can use it to control your mapping command.


Audio Note

Audio Note combines note-taking with voice recording. People love this function when we add it in our iOS version and demands for it in desktop. Now you can use it to record your thoughts and voice memo.

Topic Count

The topic count provides a convenient way to track the number of your thoughts and ideas, saving the time of counting.

To make you more productive with powerful XMind: ZEN 2.0, update now!

Update Now