All the time, we received your emails, we read your blog comments, and we got your Facebook/Twitter messages. They all expressed the same voice: “We need the Android version!”. We do hear your voice, and now XMind for Android Private Beta is coming. Be the first to see XMind for Android and apply to be our Private Beta testers today!

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XMind for Android follows the guidelines defined in the Material Design specification. The desktop-class Snowbrush engine ensures your mind mapping experience remains fast and smooth on Android. All the themes and structures you are familiar with are also supported on XMind for Android, which makes it possible for you to create professional and beautiful mind maps with ease. After finishing your mind map, XMind for Android supports exporting to PDF and PNG and share with others. Moreover, XMind for Android supports document management, which helps you easily and systematically store and retrieve your mind map files.

Notes for Application

  • Please click the Apply Now button to fill out a primary form with relevant information;
  • You will be notified by email within a few days if your application is approved;
  • By applying to be our Beta tester you agree that we may collect some data to help us improve our app, such as your account information, device information, crash report, and etc.