On June 2, we held our first XMind workshop in San Francisco. It was great and we were so excited to finally meet our users in SF. They all shared a lot of their mind mapping experience with each other and each of them gains a lot. We’re so glad and proud to know that XMind is so useful for people using it.

Now, we are recruiting participants for our workshop in Sydney on July 14, 2018. If you’re interested, please click the link below to join our workshop.

Pre-apply Now

Please note:

  • Pre-application is free of charge.
  • For the quality and reasonableness of the workshop, we will first collect the willingness of the participants. Please fill in seriously.
  • We will screen participants and notify the specific time, location and details of our workshop by email you leave in the application form when the workshop is ready.
  • If you’re not based in Sydney, we will notify you when we plan to have a workshop in your city.

If there are any questions and suggestions, please contact marketing@xmind.net.