Thanks for using and trusting XMind. We’re constantly providing a professional and user-friendly product, and right now, we are here to give you a brief overview of our updated privacy policy.

We have always kept strict confidentiality of user data, and convinced that user privacy is our top priority. We very much agree with the GDPR approach. In this regard, we updated policy privacy in a more detailed description.

If you want to read our full policy, Check it out here.

Here’s a brief summary of upcoming updates:

Improved navigation and more user-friendly language. We’ve reformatted our policy with clearer language, headings, and paragraphs that allow you to search important information more easily.

More details on how we integrate our products and use information. We are always working to improve our products, and the updates to our policy describe in more details what information we collect and why we need it.

More control over your information. We are making it easier and more flexible for you to control the information you provide us. Our new policy explains that you have control over your personal information and how it is collected, used, and shared.

The new privacy policy goes into effect on 25th, May 2018. If you have questions or concerns about XMind or our privacy policy, please feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer at