About 3 months ago, we released XMind for iOS. It’s beautiful and easy to use, and it has since become a very popular mind mapping app, with hundreds of thousands of downloads. Today, XMind for iOS released a new update with some of the most requested features from our users: adding sticker, image, marker, note, attachment, hyperlink and label.

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Visual Elements To Help You Make A Cool Mind Map

As a visual format that uses words, colors and images to represent information, one important principle of mind mapping is: use visual elements. Visual elements stimulate visual perception, trigger associations, strengthen creative thinking and effectively improve memory.


89 built-in stickers for you to choose from. With drag and drop you can even put the sticker wherever you want, to the up, down, left or right of the text.


Add any images to express your thoughts visually and decorate your mind maps.


Choose from 103 grouped markers to quickly assign priority to a task; mark a task as complete after you finish it; add a weekday marker for your weekly plan, and etc..

Features To Help You Better Manage Information

When using mind mapping for information management, you may need to collect and manage information from one or more sources. Now, you can add attachment, hyperlink, note and label with ease.


Add long text without making the mind map messy. You can even create bulleted and numbered lists in the note.


The new update allows you to add external files to a topic, so you can keep all the related files in the same mind map.


Just copy and paste the URL of the original article for future reference. Powerful feature for knowledge sharing and management.


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