We’ve all been there, forgot a brilliant idea we were just thinking; Found no logic in a pile of chaotic thoughts and things; Had no idea how to make our ideas clear when discussing…

Luckily, we have XMind now!

XMind is now available with the all-new Snowbrush engine, which ensures a fast and stable experience on iPhone and iPad. With 28 great-looking themes, everyone can create beautiful and professional mind maps easily. To make it easier to access your documents, XMind also supports iOS 11 Files. All these amazing features make XMind your must-have mobile mind mapping assistant on the go.

To celebrate the release of XMind for iOS, all XMind lovers can get XMind for iOS for FREE now (Limited Time).

Why will you love XMind for iOS?


Desktop-class Engine

With all-new graphics engine, mind mapping is as fast and powerful as in desktop.

iOS 11 Files

Easily save and find your mind maps across devices, iCloud Drive and 3rd-party clouds.

28 Eye-catching Themes

Packed with 28 beautiful themes, XMind ZEN helps you easily and quickly get started. Just with a simple click, you can create beautiful and professional mind maps with ease.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform common tasks with just one press. Super fast on iPad.

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