We’re really excited to announce our new product XMind ZEN is in public beta now. With a totally new engine, XMind ZEN possesses a powerful graphics performance, creating a beautiful and easy way for mind mapping never before.

Still XMind, with all new engine.

Spending 3 years, we rewrote every single byte in the most up-to-date technology to bring this all-new engine: Snowbrush. It is an all-new graphics engine which possesses powerful extending functions and graphics performance that truly stand out. By the rendering from SVG, all the elements in a mind map go to perfects, including lines, themes, diagrams.

SVG is a vector based graphics rendering technology, enables you to enlarge the mind map freely and brings a mind map more possibility in graphics and animations. Compared with Eclipse (the old engine of XMind based), SVG not only shows a far better look of every mind map but also received fewer limitations, so we can expand more in the future, such as in iOS version (XMind for iOS is coming soon.) and the Web version in the future plan. That’s why ‘Snowbrush’ is more superior.

With this powerful graphics engine, you can fully unleash your imagination and productivity to create some beautiful mind maps just by some simple clicks of Floating topic and Relationship line. These are some maps come from users:

(Zhong: Chinese Traditional Organ Theory)

(Roy: Travel Plan)

(Bruce: Green Food)

(Sabrina:Solar System Probes)

(Bruce: Design Response)

Our users use their talent and practice to prove XMind not just for mind mapping. These maps break the restrictions of those structures (fishbone, matrix, logic charts etc.) we originally provided. By using Floating topic and Relationship, they create some beautiful maps which are really refreshing and inspiring.

The best just got better.

Focusing solely on mind mapping for 12 years, we never stop moving forward. To bring a better user experience, we pouring our time and efforts in redesigning all the themes, icons, interactions, and also reselects fonts and improves the font rendering

XMind ZEN has 30 all-new designed themes, satisfying various kinds of scenarios. With these artful themes, you can create beautiful and professional mind maps with ease. Also, 89 original stickers will bring more elements and vivid expression for your map.

Focusing is about saying no.

Another eye-catching feature of XMind ZEN is about the art of concentration:ZEN Mode. ZEN refers to concentrate in a certain extent. Just like XMind team concentrates in mind mapping industry 12 years. We want to bring users a more concentrate feeling of creating mind maps.

With all the extra panels hidden automatically, ZEN Mode helps you stay focused on what matters most, your thoughts. In this mode, the only thing you can do is focusing on what is on your mind and map it out. The interface is clear and simple, without any distractions and interference. We believe, focusing is about saying no, when you really need concentration, less is more.

Comparing to XMind 8

Comparing to XMind 8, XMind ZEN does not contain some professional features like Gantt Chart, slide-based presentation and brainstorming( However, we will plan them in the future, also use ‘Snowbrush’).  For now, how to choose these two products? Well, if you are a heavy user of these features, then XMind 8 is all you need. If not, and a passion for making beautiful mind maps you have, then XMind ZEN is strongly recommended.

With a more powerful graphics engine, the graphical performance is greatly enhanced. Also, with the same powerful engine, you can enjoy the same mind map experience on your iPhone/iPad, which will bring a better user experience. Also XMind ZEN is 100% compatible with XMind 8, so there is no worry about compatibility.

Feature Highlights

  • All New Snowbrush Engine
  • 30 Beautiful Themes
  • Font Rendering
  • Export to Markdown
  • ZEN Mode
  • 89 Build-in Stickers
  • 100% Compatible with XMind 8
  • Export to PDF & Evernote

More amazing features are waiting for you

Download Beta