These days, we’ve made a tough decision. As you can see from the title, we are going to shut down XMind Cloud service officially on 31 Jan, 2018. We deeply apologize to everyone who relied on XMind Cloud in any way. It was really a super difficult decision to make and we really struggled a lot.

Nowadays, there are many places where users can store their documents. Actually, only few users are using XMind Cloud service, on which we spent a lot of time and effort. But it didn’t prove to be a very useful feature. Most of the users still store their files on Dropbox, iCloud Drive or other cloud storage services. So ultimately we’d prefer to spend our development and support time on features that the majority of our users can utilize and enjoy.

Don’t worry, all of your XMind Cloud files are safe. Before 31 Jan, 2018, you can still use XMind Cloud service normally. But please be sure to download all of your mind maps stored on XMind Cloud before this date. After XMind Cloud service is shut down, you still have 6 months to download your files stored on XMind Cloud with just one click. Then we will delete it from the server permanently.

Once again, we are deeply sorry for any inconveniences that this decision might have caused. Please accept our sincere apologies and we are looking forward to your continuing support.

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