(Doris Wu, Twenty-four Solar Terms)

(Bruce Wang, Design Response)

(Jolin, The Chinese Zodiac)

Cool mind maps? You may be wondering by which tool these pictures are made? You will be amazed to know that all of them are made by a mind mapping software – XMind ZEN. Yes, you heard that right.

What is XMind ZEN?

XMind ZEN is a brand new mind mapping software designed and developed by XMind team. To provide a better mind mapping experience, we pour our time and efforts into XMind ZEN, spending 3 years to rewrite the engine completely. Now, XMind ZEN is coming with powerful features, thought design and stable experience.

What’s New in XMind ZEN?

All New Snowbrush Engine

For a whole 3 years, we poured our time and efforts into XMind ZEN, rewriting the engine completely. The visual effect of the mind map is enormously improved and the visual elements are greatly enriched.

30 Gorgeous Themes

Creating a beautiful mind map shouldn’t be that hard and time-consuming. Packed with 30 beautiful themes, XMind ZEN helps you easily and quickly get started. Just with a simple click, you can create beautiful and professional mind maps with ease.

Font Rendering

XMind ZEN shows great font rendering performance, and many beautiful fonts have been carefully selected. All the fonts will display the same across all platforms you are using.

Export to Markdown

Some of our users have suggested the Export to Markdown feature. You said, and we listened. With XMind ZEN, you are able to export your mind map to Markdown.

ZEN Mode

XMind ZEN is perfect for organizing ideas. With the ZEN Mode, all the extra panels will be hidden automatically, thus helps you stay focused.

More amazing features are waiting for you.

Public Beta Is Coming

Now we are proudly announcing that XMind ZEN public Beta will be available very soon. Please stay tuned.

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