We all go shopping. But just because a billion humans do something every day, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We’ve all been there. Gone to the grocery store to buy groceries that we need for the week. Only to forget what we actually need to buy. Then we have to run to the back of the store to get that one item.

It’s a waste of time.

Having an organized shopping list ready for a trip to the supermarket is an important part of saving time. With XMind, forgot to buy something is a thing of the past. XMind makes shopping easier, faster, and most importantly smarter.

Easily get started

To quickly make a shopping list, just open a blank mind map. With the Enter key you can quickly organize your shopping list into categories. With Tab key you can quickly write down all items you need to buy.

(Download Template)

Share with a single click

If you want to share your shopping list with others, you can simply export it to an image file and send it to others. To define what each symbol and icon you added into the map mean, the Legend feature is a great choice, which improves the effectiveness of how you communicate your intended meaning with others.

Save time on your next shopping

When it comes to shopping lists, pen and paper can get the job done, but they can require rewriting the same items down every time you go shopping. With XMind, you can save your shopping list for future use and change it as your needs do.

Enjoy your shopping with XMind!