We all have lots of work every week. You may need to buy groceries that you need for the week on Sunday; you have meetings on Tuesday; you need to check your emails everyday etc. Most people go into the week with little idea of how they see their days unfolding. Jack is one of them.

Things turned around for Jack as soon as he instituted a new habit: weekly planning.

For Jack, the days of diving into Monday morning totally unprepared are over. “Thinking in week gives me perspective on what I do each day”, Jack said. And he often uses XMind to help him make a weekly plan on Sunday evening. “When I sit in front of my computer,” Jack said, “I open my favorite mind mapping software XMind and start planning my next week”. To save time, Jack opened a blank mind map and chose his desired theme.

There are 29 well-designed ready-made themes in XMind. Double-clicking your desired theme you can begin your mind mapping journey. You can also right click your most commonly used theme and set it as default. Then you can create a mind map with the default theme when you open a blank mind map. Moreover, you can even design your own theme and save it for future usage.

For Jack, planning can greatly reduce his stress quotient. Proper planning relieves his mind from storing tasks and gives him the peace of mind of knowing that you have formulated a feasible plan of action. With the Enter key Jack entered 7 main topics: from Monday to Sunday.

In XMind, you can decorate your mind map with ease. There are beautiful and grouped markers, more than one hundred clip arts and more than 60,000 icons of various styles.

On Monday, Jack will attend a meeting and reply emails from his clients. To keep healthy, he often goes swimming in the afternoon. His Spanish class begins on Monday evening at 7:00.

After around 50 minutes Jack finished his weekly plan.

After finishing his weekly plan, Jack wanted to know how many meetings he will have in next week. With a single click on the Filter button in the lower right corner of the workspace, Jack simply filtered all meetings he will have.

XMind also offers the Powerful Search feature, which even supports finding the targeted information in labels and notes.

For you to start living a fulfilling and rewarding life you must plan your weeks and days around what is important and valued in your life. With a weekly plan, you will be more effective, confident and calm. In your weekly plan, you can set priorities for the week. With XMind, you can keep track of everything easily, you can also review and adjust your weekly plan daily by reordering all topics with drag and drop. Your weekly plan is your ticket to a self-directed and self-created life.

Create your own weekly plan now!