Easter is right around the corner. We would like to wish you and your family a Happy Easter.

Holidays are time for sharing and we do enjoy every moment of sharing. Now, it’s time to share your pretty mind maps with the world. With XMind’s new Share dialog, the sharing process is greatly simplified and improved with more sharing options. You can share your mind maps to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn directly, and even embed them in your blog.


In order to help more mind mapping lovers see your beautiful mind maps, we are now launching the “LOVEXMINDSHARE” event. Share your most beautiful mind map to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and you will have the opportunity to be rewarded as the Certified XMind Master and win XMind Pro free for lifetime.

How to participate?

XMind welcomes all our users who share their beautiful mind maps with us. To participate in this event (Here we take Facebook as an example), please

1. Open/Create your most beautiful mind map with XMind;

2. Click the Share button in the top right corner of the toolbar;

3. Click Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and click Post (It may take a few seconds for uploading);

4. Sign in with your XMind ID, or sign up Here (If you’ve already signed in, you’ll skip this step.);

5. Copy and paste “#LOVEXMINDSHARE My pretty mind map with XMind, like it?❤️” to the text field, mention (@) XMind manually and click Post to Facebook.

Who will win?

The winner will be selected based on the total number of likes received.

  • The mind map with the most Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn likes will be selected as the Most Beautiful XMind Mind Map 2017 and the owner rewarded as the Certified XMind Master, who can enjoy XMind Pro lifetime for free;
  • The second and third winner will respectively receive an XMind 8 Pro license key as a gift.

Our Tip: You can share the same mind map to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The number of likes from the above three channels will be added together.

The activity will end on 26th Apr. 2017 (GMT) and the result of the competition will be announced in the following days.

Happy Sharing with XMind Share!

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