Meetings are a vital part in business. In fact, we spend more and more time in meetings every year. According to this article, managers spend a whopping 50% of their time in meetings. What’s worse is how unproductive these meetings usually are. This is where XMind can help. With the right meeting management, your meetings become more efficient and effective.

Prepare meeting agenda

Getting prepared before the meeting is the best way to ensure a productive discussion. XMind is the best way to make sure all meeting participants get an instant overview of the meeting agenda. When preparing a meeting, you can start by creating a blank mind map. Double clicking the central topic you can simply enter the topic of the meeting. With the Enter/Tab key you can quickly enter all meeting related information like meeting date, attendee names etc.

If you have relevant background information or meeting materials, just drag and drop them directly into XMind as an attachment. With “Ctrl + H” you can quickly create a hyperlink to web pages or files. Having all information needed in one place greatly saves your time and improves meeting efficiency.

To provide proof points or examples, you can add a note to the topic. Notes help keep your mind map simple and clean. To express information visually, you can even insert an image directly to the note. If you don’t want to miss any meeting information or you’re just tired of typing out everything manually, XMind can also help. XMind offers the Audio Note feature which helps capture spoken information during meetings, brainstorming sessions, or other activities. It enables you to annotate topics without typing.

Close the meeting with clear outcomes

The meeting will be meaningless if it ends without any action steps. With XMind, you can assign tasks simply in the task info view. With the sharing feature, you can share the map with all shareholders. That way, the entire team moves forward knowing what is discussed, what is decided, and who owns the action items.

Prepare yourself

Don’t have time to properly prepare? Don’t worry. To help you get started quickly, XMind offers multiple well-designed and grouped templates for you to choose from. You can also find a template named “Meeting Management” when you open XMind.

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