Since the launch of Lighten, people are curious about the differences between Lighten and XMind. Now here is the answer.

XMind and Lighten are two products of the same company. However, they are built on different platforms. XMind is a cross-platform software with its versions on Windows/Mac/Linux/Web, as well as the iOS app for our cloud storage service XMind Cloud, while Lighten is only based on Apple’s ecosystem, including the Mac and the iOS apps.

XMind also provides the Cloud service, so XMind Cloud for iOS makes it possible to use XMind on iPhone/iPad, and the file synchronization is accomplished in XMind Cloud. Unlike XMind, the file sync in Lighten is realized in iCloud.

                                             Sync with iCloud in Lighten

Secondly, XMind has ten years of experiences in the mind mapping field,  it possesses more professional and powerful features, like the presentation mode, brainstorming, etc. So XMind is more dedicated to professional uses with various themes, diagrams, and more customizable settings. Lighten, however, is a simpler and more delightful native iOS app. With a tiny size of 2-3 MB installation package, it allows you to easily get started. And Lighten put accent on the sharing feature.

                                    Enjoy the professional features of XMind

In addition, while XMind has more kinds of diagrams to choose from besides of the basic mind map, Lighten has only one diagram – the mind map, which helps you focus on your ideas instead of getting trapped in the Allodoxaphobia.

                    Lighten has only the mind map diagram, but various themes


                              XMind has various professional diagrams

In short, XMind is a cross-platform software dedicated to professional uses, while Lighten is a native app on Mac/iPhone/iPad which aims at offering an easy and light mind mapping experience to users. They can meet the different needs of different people.

One more thing, we’d like to reveal the implication of Lighten. Lighten was originally named Enlighten, which means Enlightment in Buddhism. It is said that the Buddha has made his promise down below a bodhi tree that he shall not stand up until he got enlightened. At the dawn of the seventh day, he finally managed it on spotting a light star. That’s where the star logo of Lighten comes from. Also, there is a function called STAR in Lighten. We’d like to help our users clarify thinking, organize thoughts, find their inner peace and get enlightened. Since Lighten is simpler than enlighten, we finally decided to use Lighten as the name.Hope you like our products

Hope you like our products 🙂

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