The importance of resume in the job hunting goes without saying. You may be already pretty good at writing a resume, but do you know that with XMind 8, you are able to make your resume more outstanding? 

John Lee, who recently got his master’s degree, is looking for a job. He had some working experiences before, but he wants to make his resume more outstanding among the other graduates, so he refers to XMind.

He uses the basic map structure to do his resume, adding his personal information, working experience, education background, awards and additional skills to enrich the content. Then he adds an image to represent his profile from iconfider ( or you can choose from clipart), and here he chooses the “simple” theme to keep his resume simple and clear. In this way, Jon’s resume appears vivid but dosen’t lose his formality. You can also choose the resume directly from templates to quickly start.

When it comes to your personal resume, we recommend you to do just like John :

  • Choose the simplest theme to keep your resume formal
  • use the basic map to keep the map balanced
  • Do not add too many pictures, one profile is enough.
  • You can add some links to enrich others’ knowledge on you, but remember, never too much. Keeping the resume simple and clear is the first priority.

Hope every XMind user could find a satisfying job.

Download this template

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