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Now that Christmas and holiday season are over, we all have to get back to work again. XMind team hopes all of our customers have had a great holiday season.

For many of us, the vision of getting back to work after holiday sessions and the reality usually have very little in common. While many of us expect to sit down at our desks after time away filled with boundless energy and restored creativity, what usually ends up happening is that we spend several scattered hours falling further behind on tasks built up in the interim. 

Don’t worry! XMind can help you get back to work energetically and well prepared.

Below the article will help you learn more details about how XMind helps a marketing team of a famous restaurant get back to work and create an excellent annual plan. The marketing department recently received a task from their Boss: Making an annual marketing plan for 2017. In order to make a perfect and successful annual marketing plan, the marketing team decided to have a meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Brainstorming lets ideas flow

All of the people who would attend the meeting had been notified the topic to be discussed before the meeting, which was how to increase revenue by 20% with marketing activities. When the meeting started, the leader of the marketing team Owen announced the theme of the meeting. Then the brainstorming session was officially started.

Lindy, as the recorder of this meeting, used XMind to help collect as many ideas as they could. Lindy opened a blank mind map and quickly entered the brainstorming mode with a simply click on the “Brainstorming” icon on the toolbar. Double clicking the central topic Lindy entered the theme of the brainstorming session. To help get control of the meeting time, Lindy set a timer for 2 hours by clicking the Timer Setting icon in the upper right corner. There will be a countdown timer in the lower right corner of the page if you set a timer in XMind’s brainstorming mode.

Personally, Lindy loves the brainstorming mode of XMind very much, because the full-screen mode helps build a stress-free scene for her to pay all attention to sparkles in her mind. More over, XMind’s new brainstorming mode allows Lindy to classify inspirations in Idea Factory by groups. Lindy quickly added 3 groups in Idea Factory. In XMind, she can add more groups later whenever she needs to.

Lindy’s colleagues are always creative and innovative. After about one and a half hour Lindy collected many ideas from her team members and she wrote all down in the idea factory window.

Drag and drop to produce a mind map

After collecting a number of ideas, Lindy easily dragged and dropped all of them to the mind map to see how different ideas could be connected together and created a plan of action. This was the most exciting part for Lindy. For her, XMind makes both mind mapping and brainstorming in one software.

Beautify the map

Lindy is a perfectionist. Since the annual plan was created for the boss, Lindy wanted to make it beautiful and memorable. Thanks to XMind, she can beautify the mind map with ease. XMind offers many visual elements for users to choose from, e.g. up to 109 newly designed and grouped clip arts, more than 60,000 icons of various styles, brand new vector markers etc. With all team members, the marketing department brainstormed, discussed and made their annual marketing plan together.

At the top of the annual plan Lindy clicked “Insert – Floating Central Topic” to create a floating central topic to write down the basic information of this plan. Floating central topic is somewhat the same as the Central Topic. With the floating central topic Lindy can quickly create as many topics as she wants and change the map structure easily whenever she wants to.

Share the Plan

Everything was done and Lindy clicked the Share icon on the toolbar and chose to share the plan with her boss by email. With XMind, Lindy always enjoys the simplified sharing process. She can also share her mind maps to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and even embed to her blog.

Add Comments

Boss Brian was very surprised when he received the mind map. With the mind map, he got a very clear overview of their year-long marketing plan. He wanted to add his own ideas to the mind map without modifying the original file directly. Amazingly, he found that he could add comments to the topic directly. After a few hours, Brian added some comments to the map and shared it back with the marketing department just with a few clicks.

Present Ideas

When Lindy received the mind map sent from her boss, she immediately opened it. With a single click on the Comment icon in the right sidebar, she viewed all comments at a glance and adjusted their plan accordingly.

In oder to help all team members understand more fully their own roles and responsibilities in the plan, Lindy made a presentation using XMind. “I love the new slide-based presentation feature very much”, said Lindy, “it makes create, present and share presentation easier than ever”. Selecting the target topic and clicking the Plus button, a new slide will be created automatically. For Lindy, mind mapping and presenting are harmoniously integrated in one software.

Only by clicking the Play Story button, Lindy presented their annual marketing plan and all team members quickly gained a better understanding of what they need to do in the whole year. After the presentation Lindy exported the map to PDF and sent a copy to every team member.

Easter Egg

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