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The new year is always a time for resolutions. Maybe after the Christmas feast and the all-night party on New Year’s eve, you’re beginning to concern about how to keep in shape, and how to have a healthier body in the new year. Well, you know that taking more exercises and eating less will do you good, but it’s easy to slip back into the old ways. In order not to compile formidable lists of ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ just mentally, why not go to gym together with your friend XMind ? 

Sounds great! But hold on, before rushing to the gym, you need to make a gym schedule in order to better planning your exercises and to pump your body up more scientifically. As for that, XMind 8 can be your nice partner.

Open XMind 8 and choose a blank “Matrix (colomn)” structure (or choose “class schedule” from templates to quickly start).

Name your table by typing in the central topic. Using “Enter” to add a column(leave the cursor at the central topic), and click on the small “Add” button on the right side of central topic to add a row.

Now that your table is ready, you just need to fill it in with your plan. If you are energetic enough, you can schedule your gym plan from Monday to Saturday. Here we made a recommended plan for you. If you are just a beginner on sports, adjust the exercises accordingly.

With a well-scheduled plan, the fitness/bodybuilding plan will no longer be the sort of accomplishments beyond attainment. And it’s easier for you to keep on it.

You can even share your schedule plan on SNS (facebook, twitter…) to have other people’s encouragement.

We wish every XMind user a healthy body.

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